Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moldavia Smackdown - Russo-Turkish War 1790

After the excellent game of the prior two weeks, I setup another Russo-Turkish battle using similar terrain and a much more straight forward deployment so players could get right into the combat.

Once again, we are using our favorite rules, Piquet - Cartouche 2 supplement.

I don't have time to write up the entire report, but the Russians won this nailbiter as the Ottomans hit zero morale chips after a vicious firefight in the last photo of the post.

In the picture above you can see that the Ottomans had  4 cavalry units (on the black cutting board) that they could deploy anywhere on the board. They chose to clump them behind the existing cavalry horde on their left flank.

Massive cavalry charge!

All Russian cavalry is engaged.

Below, the Russian left flank is harassed by Ottoman cavalry.

Djelli are thrown in by the Ottoman commander (the long column of 4 regiments)

The Russians push across the river and drive the Ottomans away while inflicting heavy casualties. The entire Ottoman line is about broken that was holding the river crossing.

Fierce counter-charge by the Silahtar (3 stand elite cavalry) drives back the Russians

After routing one Russian infantry unit the Silahtar hit the next on the flank!

Russian infantry come to grips with the Ottoman battle line!

the Silahtar caught up in the pursuit of a Russian infantry unit.

Serbians take 2 stand of damage and the Ottomans sink below zero morale chips and withdraw from the field.



Gonsalvo said...

Looks superb, even without the narrative.

Are you in the midst of a major re-basing of these troops, Eric? The colored labels on the back of the bases look great, and, especially for 15's and smaller, I think the thick bases can help reduce wear and breakage on the figures by encouraging players to pick them up by the bases and not the models.

I see a few units have flocked bases, but most don't, and some of the ? newer cavalry have unpainted stands. It doesn't look badly at all, and I still have quite few older troops with unflocked bases in my collection - almost none of mine were flocked before about 1995. In some ways it gives them a sort of "old school", ""Charge!" kind of look, which I don't mind at all.

Eric Burgess said...

Thanks Peter! I've been flocking most of my SYW collection (and I include these figures). I really should flock my Russians as they are nearly a complete army, but I keep getting side-tracked by other hobby needs. :-)

Glad you like the labels and I agree about the thicker bases. I like how they have turned out.

Victor said...

Great looking game and what a fun scenario!

ABC Wargammers said...

Great game, really enjoyed the pictures

M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Nicely done Sir! Enjoyed the post and photos.