Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, I thought I better write something as I have been so slack in updating this blog!!!

I have accomplished a lot of wargaming projects ...

1. Finished the Make this Medieval Village (complements the Town I already finished).
2. Finished glueing counters from the Vae Victus game For God and For the King (Vendee) to blocks. This will make some great fog of war in the game (already in the design, but I like how blocks look).
3. Purchased 15mm Sci-Fi figures from Rebel Minis and broke my pledge not to do any new periods! Crazy, I know! The 15mm Sci-Fi ranges out there are just amazing. Great figures, characters, and weapons. I look forward to trying these out. Likely going to use Piquet (no surprise there), with each stand representing a squad, crewed weapon, or tank. My Junta! rules will cover this nicely, once I add in the wicked weapons. Hope to have four or five "companies" of different races to fight with.
4. Picked up Campaign Cartographer software which will allow me to make some AMAZING maps. I have been playing with it for the past couple days and the possibilities are endless!
5. Purchases some 15mm fantasy figures from Splintered Light Miniatures at 50% off. Couldn't resist. I have a very large 15m fantasy collection already and this will just add in a few neat bits to it.
6. Packed up some miniautres to sell at Siege of Augusta.

I'll try to blog about some of the more interesting items above with some photos.
Happy New Year