Guns of Liberty

A General Overview

I wrote the rules because the commercial AWI rules I had played didn't give me the right feel, flavor, and playability for the American Revolution. The rules I desired had to be easy to understand, fun to play, create historical casualty rates, and provide reasonable historical results with a heavy emphasis on morale. I also wanted to be able to run a campaign game with the rules. Guns of Liberty was designed to fight the smallest engagements (4 to 5 units a side) all the way to larger engagements of 30+ units per side.

The 2nd edition of the rules is no longer available. I'm currently working on the 3rd edition of the rules, and I hope to have them released in late 2021.

Game Scale: Each unit is a regiment (6 to 20 figures)
Ground Scale: 1" = 25 yards
1 figure = 20 to 25 men (2 figures per base, which is a company)
1 gun model represents 2 guns.

Figure Scale: 15mm, 25mm, 10/6mm would also work.

Turn Sequence (Traditional fixed sequence):

Charge Declaration and Charge Move Phase
Initiative Phase
Movement Phase
Artillery Fire Phase
Small Arms Fire Phase
Melee Phase
Morale Phase


You roll one D20 for every stand in both melee and fire. Artillery rolls one D20 per artillery crew figure. You have a base number to hit which is modified by terrain, unit quality, formation, etc. If you roll that number or less you get a hit. You always hit on a 1.


Is a huge part of GOL. Units will break quite often, but they can be rallied relatively easily, provided the commander creates the right conditions. There are morale "triggers" that cause morale checks. A D20 is also used for morale checks.


Based on the leader's capabilities he is given a Command Radius and a certain number of units that he can command. The overall commander effects the initiative roll and if his Brigadiers stay within his command radius then they can receive a command radius bonus that allows them to work in more flexible deployments.

Battle Reports from across the Web

Guilford Courthouse AAR by Michael Mathews
Greene vs Cornwallis by Michael Mathews
Freeman's Farm by Michael Mathews, run by Michael Wedding
The Flank March by Vic Cina
Battle of Abigail's Farm 1777 by Vic Cina
Battle of Birmingham Meeting House 1777 by Vic Cina

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