Friday, December 14, 2018

Orc Raiders! 15mm Hostile Realms Battle

This is a battle we fought a week or two ago.

Rules: Hostile Realms by Piquet Inc
Collection: Eric's 15mm Fantasy figures

Brian and Eric C. were the Orc and Gnoll raiders, while I was the sturdy Dwarves and their Human allies.


This was  quick scenario where a large Orc and Gnoll raiding party has just finished torching a human village, and now sets their sights on the valley entrance into Dwarf territories.

The Dwarves and human allies must hold the evil horde from invading their homelands.

The Dwarven army is spread across the hills defending the entrance to the valley.

The Orcs see the Dwarves in the distance.

The view from the Dwarven side, with humans coming up in support (with the beer cart).

The humans (one of longbows and one with swords)

Ah, the BEER CART! Dwarven Craft Brew!

The burning human village

Heavy armored Dwarf spearmen.

The Dwarf Druid, with mana stone next to him.

The Orcs advance rapidly towards the Dwarves

The humans rushing forward

Come and take it!

The red caped Dwarf Elite ready to repulse the Orcs, but they are heavily outnumbered.

The Gnolls slam into the Dwarves.

Crossbow bolts fly!

The Gnolls rout the Dwarves after the first melee! Not a good start for the Dwarf army.

Run away!!!

The Dwarf general attaches to the Dwarf Guard to plug the gap.

Meanwhile on the right flank the other heavy Dwarf Spearmen are routed by Orcs! What is going on here?!? RU = Rout Unralliable!

The Orcs amass after sending the Dwarves packing.

The Humans launch into the breach with the longbowmen and Druid destroying the Orc "berserkers".

The Humans and Orcs clash back and forth several times, before the humans rout.

Dwarven unit hit from the front by two orc "regiments" with one lurking to their right flank.

The Gnoll Female Guard unit, "The Royal Bitches", just destroys the longbowmen  before they can do more damage.

The remaining few dwarves retire to a stoney hillock with their General.

The last stand!

At this point the Dwarven army had run out of morale chips and it was a matter of time before their sheer numbers would overrun the stubborn dwarves.

We had a great time and hope to setup some more battles soon.