Monday, December 7, 2020

Vauban's Wars - Powder and Food Supply

This is the next installment of Vauban's Wars mechanics regarding Powder and Food Supply

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Philipsburg 1688 (click for larger image)

Powder Supply

Both the Garrison and Besieger have their Powder Supply tracked during the siege. As players reload their artillery (not infantry) they track how many times they reload. The more you reload the greater the chance of losing a Powder Supply. If you reload your artillery too much the Powder Supply is lost automatically. If you explode a mine you also automatically lose a Powder Supply in addition to the normal supply check. A powder supply check is done on each player's Power Supply Check card. This means that the players won't know exactly when they will be forced to check if they have lost powder.

The amount of Powder each side has is determined by scenario, fortress size, which is then coupled with a random die roll. 

Other events like fire, Critical Damage, weather, and sabotage (via Espionage) can also reduce Powder Supply.

Food Supply

As with most tedious supply\logistics in siege warfare, I have abstracted Food Supply for the garrison in Vauban's Wars. The besieger is always assumed to have enough food for their siege. The garrison, isolated and surrounded, is assumed to have a finite amount of food for the soldiers and civilian population under siege.

The garrison player will start with X amount of food and will lose one food every turn. The amount of food they begin the siege with is determined by the type of fortress combined with a random die roll. The garrison  will lose their food due to either a Unique Event card played during the turn or if the turn ends early due to weather or tied initiative rolls. (There are reminders on the cards and charts for all these conditions) In addition, the garrison can lose food supply due to raging fires in the town, Critical Damage, and to sabotage via espionage! 

When the garrison's food supply reaches zero their Popular Support may fail and then will have to surrender. Only extremely long sieges should see the food supply reach zero, but it is something important to keep track of during a siege. 

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