Friday, July 23, 2010

Russo-Turkish War "River Crossing" Battle - 1877


Brian Connollly of the Charlotte Garrison, broke out his new 15mm 1877 Russo-Turkish War figures for us to game with. He picked up this painted collection at Historicon in the flea market. I believe it was part of the estate sale for Mark Hayes who passed away. Mark, your figures are being put to good use!

We used Piquet's Hallowed Ground 2nd edition rules to fight the battle which had the Russians attempting a river crossing against entrench Turks in a rugged hill area.

Russian Forces: 18 Infantry battalions, 3 Cavalry regiments, and 4 Rifled Muzzle loading artillery batteries
Turkish Forces: 10 Infantry battalions, 4 Krupp artillery batteries

All terrain is CLASS II (half move), except on roads.
River is CLASS IV, with a ford (CLASS II), and a completed pontoon bridge.
Entrenchments were CLASS III.

The scenario was quite enjoyable and the Russians learned some lessons with regards to being a little more patient in destroying the Turkish guns before attempting to cross the river. The Turks had better rifle range and artillery range than the Russians. The Russian managed to reduce 3 of the batteries to half stength gun sections, before they launched their assault across the river, only to be torn to bits on the pontoon. The ford area was being crossed with good affect, but we ran out of time to finish the game (we got a very late start).

Russian (and Bulgarian\Romanian allies) used Extended line formation for their fire formation, while they used column of companies to cross the pontoon bridge and ford.

We will refight the battle next week with some minor tweaks. You can also see my nearly finished river sections. The ford piece with the island is waiting on the appropriate tree models to be purchased then I will finish it.

Some photos for your enjoyment.

PHOTO 1: Overview of the Battlefield. Turks on left side of the river in two redoubts\earthworks

PHOTO 2: Turkish Redoubt closest to the pontoon bridge.

PHOTO 3: View from the other Turk redoubt.

PHOTO 4: Good overview of what the Russians were dealing with.

PHOTO 5: Russians advance in Extended Line formation

PHOTO 6: Turks are ready!

PHOTO 7: Russian Allied Brigade prepares to move across the pontoon

PHOTO 8: C-in-C stand with Bulgarians and Romanians nearby

PHOTO 9: One Turk battery hit and disordered

PHOTO 10: Russian form column of companies to cross the ford, but are hit by artillery and disordered.

PHOTO 11: Crossing the pontoon into a whirlwind of Turkish artillery fire.

PHOTO 12: View of the attack

PHOTO 13: First Russian unit routed, and Romanians hit and disordered. (green marker)

PHOTO 14: The ford is being crossed in mass.