Saturday, June 18, 2011

Massive Assault - Day 2 - Russians vs. Ottomans

Day 2 of the assault began after the vicious fighting of Day 1 (see previous blog post).

Russians have taken the little and big redoubt, driven off the Ottoman cavalry, moved their heavy guns forward and are ready to try to storm the fortifications again.

Here is a pictorial history of the battle.

Overall battlefield:

Russian Rigth Wing command including some Albanians that switched sides after the first battle.

Massed Russian command in the Center:

Left Wing command of a small brigade of 4 regiments and a light artillery battery:

Russian Heavy guns fire at the Turkish lines. I really like this photo even though it is blurry.

One last shot before the battle begins:

Russian camp and supplies, with the Cavalry Reserve in the rear.

Ottoman heavy guns ready for the assault.

Sibirsk Grenadiers (flag) screened by Russian Jaegers in skirmish formation (all green)

The battle begins. The Russian center advances!

Russia's Lifland Jaegers fire and disorder the Arabs, but take heavy casualties from the return fire of the Sehkans and artillery.

Russian left flank about to get blasted by the steady Janissaries.

Russian Right wing begins their assault

The Center comes to grips

Sibirsk Grenadiers overrun the disorderd Arabs and rout then in melee.

The Russians advance on their right wing, can they breach the Ottoman lines?

Units are shattered by point blank fire!

Ottoman Albanians destroy the Russian Albanians in a point blank firefight.

Russians are hammered by Janissaries and light guns on the left flank. One entire Russian unit is destroyed (empty space in front of Janissaries)

Sibirsk Grenadiers breach the fortress!

Here you can see that all is not golden with the Russians. Three units are nearly out of the fight due to casualties.

Sekhans wheel into the Russian's flank in the center.

Russians push again on the left wing, but can't breach the walls.

What is left of the Lifland Jaegers moves to screen the assault.

Russian's Albanian allies are the only unit to breach the lines on the right flank. They are at the bottom of this photo.

Janissiers hammer Russian unit after Russian unit on the Russian right flank.

Although the Albanians breached the walls the Guard Janissaries are thrown in and rout the Albanians

The Russians came close this time with several breaches, but their casualties mounted and the army commanders lost their will to continue the fight. They will regroup for DAY 3's assault.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Archon 2 - Greeks vs. Persians Playtest

This is an old one. This was circa 2001 I believe.

We fought this playtest game of Greek phalanx vs. Persians!

I love the look of my Greek Phalanx in Archon 2nd edition which I authored.

This next photo is just wicked! (Must flock these troops!)

Burn the Town - Fantasy Battle

This was an early playtest battle pitting my Orcs vs. Dwarves & High Elves.

My friend Jim Mauro was in town from NY and we broke out the figures to fight a battle.

Once again, the game was a long time ago, but I think the Dwarves and High Elves repulsed the Orc attack.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

WSS - Will You Go to Flanders game from August 2009

Throwing some photos up of a game we played several years ago at Jim's house.

Too lazy to write a commentary, but you can see from the photos it was a great looking battle.