Sunday, July 5, 2020

Maximilian Adventure - Republican Army Rebased (plus Queretaro)

The last rebasing project for the Maximilian Adventure is complete. Here is the Republican\Jaurista army!

I really can't tell you own difficult this was to rebase these figures. Nearly all of the miniatures were plastered to metal washers, then glued to the thick wooden bases. Here is an example of that type of basing. Nightmare. As usual, click for larger images. You can also right click and open in a new window for the largest image resolution.

Republican Army

The rebased army is made up of 15mm figures with mainly Freikrop figures, but also Minifigs, Musket Miniatures, Frontier, and Old Glory ACW figures can be found mixed in.

18 Infantry Regiments
7 Cavalry Regiments
3 Artillery Batteries 
4 limbers
4 Brigade Leaders and two more getting painted. (round bases)
1 CinC

The entire army (below)

CinC reviewing the troops


Except for about three units, each Juarista unit has 2 to 4 different figures per base with each figure's uniform being unique. Makes for an interesting and motley group!

8 Line infantry regiments
10 National Guard infantry regiments

Line Regiments

Frontal shot with the Supremos Podres in the center in grey

More angles and a close up shot.

National Guard Regiments

I will likely use labels with names of locations rather than the generic National Guard 1, National Guard 2, etc that I used before.


4 Regiments of Line Cavalry
3 Regiments of National Guard Cavalry

The NG cavalry are in the column on the table (3 regiments), while the second column closer to the right is the Line regiments.


3 batteries (various calibers)

These are in front of the Line battalions along with the oxen limbers in the rear of the column.

Photos are combined with the line infantry at the top of the post

What is Left to Do?
I have enough extra figures to paint up two more infantry units, one batteries, and one or two more cavalry units. None of which are needed to game at this point in time. I do have to put labels on the units in the near future.

Now I just have to get these back on the table!!

The Siege of Queretaro the Board Game
I met a gentlemen named Steve Kling who is going to be publishing some unique games and one of them will be the Siege of Queretaro, which is perfect for this blog post! You can follow him on FaceBook @

Also, they are considering making enlarged vinyl maps for those that want to incorporate miniatures!!

Box Cover art for Queretaro!!! (click for large image)


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Maximilian Adventure - French Army Rebased

My second rebasing project for the Maximilian Adventure is finished. Yea me! 

Here are the French in all their glory. Roughly 2 divisions plus cavalry when it is all said and done.

Video of the army (should have taken a photo of the entire group, oh well)

Figures are 15mm mostly Freikorp, but some Frontier and Minifigs.


1st Brigade (2 line battalions on right, 2 Zouave battalions on left, 1 Chasseurs a Pied in the front)

Here you can see the heavy and field gun batteries. 

2nd Brigade (2 line battalions, 2 Legion battalions filling in for Zouaves until they are painted, 1 Turcos Battalion (Algerian Sharpshooter\Tirailleurs) in light blue, and 1 Chasseurs a Pied)

3rd Brigade (miscellaneous brigade with sailors, two line battalions, and the Egyptian battalion that served in Mexico). One day I may get around to fielding two more Zouave battalions for this brigade, but most likely I will just leave it as is.

Frontier Sailors, Old Glory Egyptians, and Minifig Chasseurs a Cheval in green.


The 5th Hussars (2 stands in blue), 12th Chasseurs de Cheval (4 stands in green), and Chasseurs d' Afrique (8 stands in blue with white havelocks). Each stand represents a squadron. Oh, I know the Spahi (4 squadrons in red) didn't server in Mexico, but damn what if they did?!? 


Imperial Guard artillery crew is from the Freikorp FPW range. I like how they turned out. I haven't painted six of the guns, and should have them done in a bit. The other two batteries of field and heavy guns are in the infantry brigade photos.

What's Left to Do?

Two battalions of Zouaves. These will be of high priority (need to buy the figures), but will use Legion battalions in their stead until they are painted.
Contra forces, both cavalry and infantry. Not very many to paint and certainly not an immediate need.


Depending on the size of my battle, the French C-in-C will represent General Forey or General Bazaine

PS - Below is the French organization as of 1st December 1862 with more troops added through 1864.

French Army

By the 1st of December 1862, when General Forey arrived in Mexico to take command in place of Rear-Admiral Jurien de la Graviåre, the distribution of the various commands was as follows: 

Commander-in-Chief: General Forey 

First Infantry Division 

    Divisional Commander: General Bazaine
    Chief of Staff: Lieutenant-Colonel Lacroix

1st Brigade (General Baron Neigre)

  • 18th Battalion of Chasseurs (Commandant Lamy)
  • 1st Regiment of Zouaves [2 battalions] (Colonel Brincourt)
  • 81st Regiment of the Line [2 battalions] (Colonel la Canorgue)

2nd Brigade (General de Castagny)

  • 20th Battalion of Chasseurs (Commandant Lepage de Longchamps)
  • 95th Regiment of the Line [2 battalions] (Colonel Jolivet)
  • 3rd Regiment of Zouaves [2 battalions] (Colonel Mangin) 
  • Turcos Battalion (Algerian Sharpshooter\Tirailleurs) (Commandant Cottret) 
Second Infantry Division

Provisional Divisional Commander: Brigadier-General Douay

Chief of Staff: Major Acting

1st Brigade (Colonel L'Hériller – Commanding Provisionally)

  • 1st Battalion of Chasseurs (?)
  • 99th Regiment of the Line (Colonel L'Hériller) 
  • 2nd Regiment of Zouaves (Colonel Gambier) 

2nd Brigade (General de Berthier)

  • 7th Battalion of Chasseurs (Commandant Albici)
  • 51st Regiment of the Line (Colonel Garnier)
  • 62nd Regiment of the Line (Colonel Baron Aymard)


Cavalry Brigade “de marche”

Brigadier-General Mirandol

1st Provisional Regiment (Colonel de Brémond d'Ars)

        2 squadrons from 1st and 2nd Chasseurs d'Afrique

2nd Provisional Regiment (Colonel du Barail)

        2 squadrons from 3rd Chasseurs d'Afrique and 2 squadrons from 12th Chasseurs a Cheval

Land-based Naval Assets

Battalion of Marine Fusiliers (sailors) – (Naval Lieutenant Bruat)
2nd Regiment of Marine Infantry (2 battalions?) (Colonel Hennique) 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

RJW - Japanese Imperial Guard Division, 1st Army

The Imperial Guards Division is the second division I've completed painting and fielding for my Russo-Japanese War games. Most of the figures were already painted when I bought them, but I had to rebase, flock and do some touch-up painting to prepare them for battle. It was quite a lot of work.
The Imperial Guard was part of the Japanese 1st Army and fought in the following engagements during the war: Yalu RiverMotien Pass (Motienling), LiaoyangShaho, and Mukden. The division fought in all major engagements outside the Port Arthur siege\assault.

The Imperial Guard uniform had red cap band and red collar, while the LINE regiments had yellow cap bands and yellow collars. These figures are in the early war winter dark blue uniform but the Guard Cavalry is in the khaki uniform that was issued later. All regiments and brigades are color coded on the back of the base for easier identification during a game.

Infantry figures are 95% Frontier miniatures (15mm), while there are a scattering of Irregular miniatures throughout the commands stands. One command stand has Falcon USA figures in it, which are very nice. Artillery is from the Really Useful Guns range sold by Irregular Miniatures. Cavalry figures and their dismounted counterparts are also from Irregular miniatures. Flags were made from clipart, and touched up to add blue-ish outline, which I then touched up with paint.

The commander of the Japanese Imperial Guard is Lieutenant General Hasegawa, and he was in command of the Imperial Guard throughout the war. He can be seen in the photo below.

Below is General Baron Hasegawa in front of the artillery regiment.

Imperial Guards Division (1st Army) Order of Battle

Commander: Lieutenant General Hasegawa

1st Brigade: Major General Asada
     1st Guard Infantry Regiment (3 battalions of 4 companies each)
     2nd Guard Infantry Regiment (3 battalions of 4 companies each)

2nd Brigade: Major General Wabanabe
     3rd Guard Infantry Regiment  (3 battalions of 4 companies each)
     4th Guard Infantry Regiment (3 battalions of 4 companies each)

     Guard Artillery Regiment (36 guns) 6 batteries of six 70mm Arisaka Field Guns (Col. Kumamoto)
     Guard Cavalry Regiment (3 squadrons) (Lt. Col Kasa)

Entire Guard Division

1st Brigade on Parade

Major General Asada, commander of the 1st Brigade, Imperial Guards:

Below is my version of Major-General Asada of the 1st Brigade along with his regimental commanders:

2nd Brigade on parade:

Major General Watanabe, commander of the 2nd Brigade, Imperial Guard:

More of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd and 4th Guard regiments

Guard Artillery Regiment, six batteries (stands), with 6 guns per battery.

Colonel Kumamoto, commander of the Imperial Guard Artillery Regiment (figure on round base above):

Guard Cavalry Regiment, with dismounted stands. Cavalry regiments attached to the division were small 3 squadron regiments of about 300 men per regiment. I gave this regiment a Hotchkiss MG too.

That is my Japanese Imperial Guard Division! So excited to get them on the table!

Japanese 2nd Division here.
Japanese 12th Division here (tbd)

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Maximilian Adventure - Imperial Mexican Army Rebased

Hi folks,

Well, my old basing style for my Maximilian collection died as the old bases were unique (very think) and I ran out of them. My new units were being put on Litko bases, so I decided to rebase the entire collection to be more uniformed. (CRAZY!!!)

Anyway, here is my current Imperial Mexican army that fought against the Republicans. A true multi-national conglomeration of nations! We have Austrians, Belgians, and Mexicans. This makes for a truly colorful army and I love to have them on the field!

So far I have 20 Infantry Regiments, 8 Cavalry regiments, 2.5 batteries, plus command.

I do have a couple more units to paint at some point, but wanted to show what I have so far as it is more than enough. Click on photos for larger images. The biggest image can be found by right clicking on the picture and open in a new tab.

Entire Army

Several shots and angles of the entire army.

All the Infantry

Foreign Infantry

Austrian Legion
Three regiments that fought in the theatre.

Belgian Legion
The King's and Empress's Battalions

On the march

Imperial Mexicans

Emperor's Battalion
This uniform is just so cool. I have the 1st regiment still being painted in the same color scheme. This will be the last infantry unit for this army.

8 Line Regiments
The 1st Regiment is AWOL on the painting table, but should be finished in the near future. The uniforms were all over the place with the Imperial Mexicans.

Regiments 2 - 4

Regiments 5 - 8

Imperial Mexican Light Infantry
These are Bersaglieri Freikorp figures from their Italian Unification range. They are perfect for the late war light infantry uniform. I love how they turned out. Cazadores!!!

Consecrated Sharpshooters
A unique unit in the war. Gaudy blue uniforms.

Municipal Guards
I have three regiments of Municipal Guards. These are little better than local militia.

The Cavalry

Most of the cavalry is three stands (and two stands) strong rather than the normal Piquet four stands. I wanted them to be fragile in this period. I have six regiments of regulars, one Empress Lancers, and the four stand Exploradores (Scouts).

Wish I had taken better photos of the cavalry.

The Artillery

The Imperial Mexican army didn't have a lot of mobile artillery so I only have 2 batteries and 1 Austrian Mountain Gun section


Here you can see Maximilian in the center, with two army\wing commanders flanking him, with 6 brigadier generals on round bases.

Closer look at the major commanders

Some extra eye candy

What is Left to Do

Imperial Mexican Band (Essex ACW Union band figures)
Austrian Legion cavalry (Hussars and Uhlans)
Belgian Mounted Infantry
More Imperial Cavalry to flesh out some units.