Sunday, June 1, 2014

SYW Prussian Reinforcements Arriving

Well, I'm scaling my collections back and focusing on completing some key collections like my 15mm Seven Years War collection.

I found a fantastic painter in Spain named Pep, that is working on my Prussian reinforcements!

Here are the first two shipments for your review!

Cuirassier Regiment No 2 - Prinz von Preu├čen

Musketeer Regiment No. 3 - Anhalt-Dessau

Hussar Regiment No. 4 - Puttkamer

Musketeer Regiment No. 5 - Braunschweig Regiment

Hussar Regiment No. 6 - Wechmar Regiment

Musketeer Regiment No. 7 - Braunschweig-Bevern Regiment

Musketeer Regiment No. 10 - Knobloch Regiment

Musketeer Regiment No 13 - Iztenplitz Regiment

1/23rd Grenadier Battalion

5/20th Grenadier Battalion

13/26th Grenadier Battalion

I have 4 more musketeers, 1 Grenadier, and one more Hussar regiment to go, then I should be nearly completed with regards to my Prussians.

Next, I have to chose between Saxons, Hanover, Brunswick, or Hesse-Kassel reinforcements! I just maybe I will do them all!

Historicon is around the bend and I can't wait to see everybody there. I'd like to run a game or two, but as of now I'm just not motivated. Our group has been playing boards games almost every week and really having a great time with that!