Vauban's Wars

Vauban's Wars
Siege Warfare 1667-1815

Vauban's Wars will allow you to conduct a siege during the greatest period of siege warfare in history: 1667 -1815! Fortresses in this era rarely held out against a besieger that had the necessary time and manpower to conduct a proper siege, and the rules neatly recreates this with a siege game that leaves room for unusually stout defenses or quick collapses.

Rules are spiral bound are available to order now at Piquet Inc

PDF Version is available here:

Custom Casino Cards here (images lower on this page):

Vendors that carry Vauban's Wars:

These are the major wars that fall into the period covered by the rules:

Wars of Louis XIV (1667-1714)

War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748)

Seven Years War (1756-1763)

Turkish Wars vs Russians and Austrians (1710-1812)

Wars of the French Revolution (1792-1802)

Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815)

It is a challenging and fun game system, covering a form of warfare not otherwise easy playable with miniatures. I think Vauban’s Wars does a wonderful job of making a siege manageable and enjoyable to play, whilst at the same time providing a very satisfying story." From Peter R. - Vauban's Wars playtester

Front Cover Art

What you need to Play Vauban’s War

You will need the following to fight a siege with Vauban’s War:

  • Dice sets (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, & D20) and tape measures.
  • Siege Die. Special D6 with the following values on their facings 0,1,1,2,2,3. If you don’t have a blank die to put these numbers on you could map the values to a standard D6 with 1 = 0, 2-3 = 1, 4-5 = 2 and 6 = 3. This die is used for sappers to repairing damaged fortifications and miners to do mining.
  • Terrain to represent the Fortress, ditch, parallels, covered way, glacis, saps, mine entrance, etc. For table space you would need a minimum of 6’ wide by 5’ deep for 15mm figures, and 8’ wide by 6’ deep for 25mm figures when using a three or four bastion fortress placed on the edge of the table. Other scales and fortress designs, could impact the table size.
  • Miniatures to represent both armies.
  • Tactical rules for Sorties\Assaults such as Piquet’s Cartouche v2, Les Grognards v2, or the Field of Battle supplements can be used to resolve any assault or sortie. Feel free to use your own favorite tactical rules for the period instead of using a Piquet supplement.
Vauban’s Wars comes with the following player aides to help play the game more quickly. They can be found in the Appendix and can be photo copied for your use. In addition, some may be available as PDF downloads:

  • Counters for game play
  • Garrison and Besieger Roster Sheet
  • Mining and Countermining Sheet
  • Quick Start Sheet
  • Damage markers

Printed sheets with the hard copy:
     1 x Turn & Weather Sheet (hard card stock and full color)
     2 x Quick Reference Sheets (hard card stock and Black and White)
     1 x Powder Expenditure Sheet (hard card stock and full color)
     6 x Sequence Deck Card Sheets that you can cut out and sleeve. (hard card stock and full color)


You can also pimp out your siege with these custom casino cards from Piquet Inc, which have unique card backs for each side. Blue stripe are the garrison's cards and red stripe are the besieger's cards. All cards have rule reference numbers on them. He are a few samples.

Links to Playtests of Vauban's Wars

My Blog:

Lots of great stuff there!

Ken Altfather's site:
Amazing 3D terrain printing here! My mouth dropped on some of his item he designed himself!

Reviews of Vauban's Wars

FaceBook and GroupIO pages:

Piquet and Field of Battle Page:

Links to other Siege Related resources:
YouTube video on early siege warfare, however much of still applies to the period my rules cover:
Vauban's Siege of Ath:
(2) How to lay Siege in the Age of Louis XIV - Vauban's Masterpiece: Ath 1697 - YouTube

Manufacturers of Vauban Related Terrain

PaperTerrain: Vauban Fortress (6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 28mm)
Acheson Creations: Various earthworks\gabions\etc
Baueda Wargames: Various siegeworks\gabions, etc
Stone Mountain: 15mm Vauban Fortress, gabions, etc
Laser Dream Works: 3D printable Vauban Fortress (print in any scale)
Leven Miniatures: Vauban fortress in 6mm.

FAQ and Errata:

What scale figures can you use? 
We playtested with 15mm and 28mm, but you could go with smaller scales.

Is this a stand-alone supplement?
Yes, Vauban's Wars requires no other Piquet related products. Players will need their own favorite tactical ruleset for those rare assaults or major sorties.

"Relief Army Arrives" Card Missing:

It has come to my attention that the "Relief Army Arrives" card was not included in the PDF & Physical versions of the rules, but an extra Move card was included in the Garrison deck. The RELIEF ARMY ARRIVES is seldom used, but I have put a PDF replacement here for your use. You can just write on the Garrison's extra MOVE card and make it the Relief Army Arrives card. Or you can print this card out in this PDF and glue it to the Extra Move card or blank card. The Custom Casino Cards DO NOT have this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience. Products purchases after October, 2020 will not have this problem. The PDF is available in the Vauban's Wars GroupsIO site, Vauban's Wars FB page, and the Piquet FB page. (links above)

What if there is a tie die roll on the first initiative?

Ignore the roll, and roll again until one side wins the roll, which will allow the besieger to use the impetus first per the normal rules. (Page 16, 3.7.1, "Important" section)


  1. Please let me know when it is ready; I would like to purchase the rules. My 3D printed 28mm fortress is almost complete!
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  11. HI You might want to add Levin Miniatures Vauban fort for 6mm it is fantastic. I just purchased this one and am trying to figure out a scale for the game, thinking of just using the 15mm scale. Has anyone played this with 5/6mm figures?