Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SYW Western Theatre - French vs Hanover and Hesse-Kassel

Seven Years War in Hesse-Kassel

Well, I have finally have enough Hessians and Hanoverians to fight my French so I'm running a nice battle this week for my gaming group. I've really been focusing on the Seven Years War and have started selling seldom used games and miniatures to fund this project.

As usual, we are using Cartouche 2nd Edition from Piquet Inc for the rules.

Here are some shots of the game before the battle starts.

General Scenario: Hessians\Hanoverians have surprised the French with an early morning attack. Some French units are out of position (I've changed that since the photos were taken) and some are "unformed" trying to rush to the field.

I will post a full battle report later. I'm using my custom terrain boards that I made in 1991 or 1992. They are four different 2' x 4' boards that can be arranged in 8 different combinations. I haven't used them in several years, but they have held up extremely well.

First shot is of the French battle line with the Hanoverians on the hill.

Hanoverians mass for the attack.

Here is the Hanoverians (close) and Hessians (far right) ready for their attack.

Long view of the table. French on the right near the small town.

Hanoverian command inspiring the lads!

Nice overall shot of the battlefield with the French closest to the camera.

More goodness to follow!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Siege of August and Impudent Mortal

Siege of Augusta

(click on photos to enlarge)

In mid-January I went to Siege of Augusta (Augusta, GA) for some gaming and to sell some of my excess games and miniatures in the flea market.

I arrived Friday night and had a great dinner with friends and then played a game of Silent Death (I hope that is the name). It uses Fantasy Flight's Star Wars ships, but seems to be a better set of rules. My Imperial Tie Fighters were eventually wiped out by the X-Wings and Y-Wings. Those guys are tough. Photon torpedoes are supper deadly if they hit and a Tie Fighter can't survive that.

Saturday I carried all my gear to the flea market. I had the trunk and back seat filled up with goodies to sell on the way down to Augusta. I'm happy to report I came back with less than half of what I took down there. I sold over $400 worth of goods in the flea market which made for a great start to Saturday!

Mid-afternoon Jerry and Kim (Local Charlotte guys), ran a Victoria Sci-Fi game called Valor, Flesh, and Steel.

I'm not into skirmish level gaming, but the flavor and rules for this one where outstanding. My Martian Rebels managed to hold of an onslaught of Imperial trash including some nefarious Martians that chose wealth over honor to their planet!

The figures were from Parroom Station and were outstanding sculpts and Jerry and Kim are fantastic painters. Thank God they don't make them in 15mm as I would dive into this one pretty quick. :-)

Here are some photos from the game.

Later that night after another awesome dinner with friends (Brian and his family), we got into a demo game of Battlegroup in 15mm.

The terrain and figures were superb, but once again it was a skirmish game with some unique rules which made them hard to figure out quickly. I would think if you had a club and played them regularly they would run smoother and make more sense. Of course, it could have been the martinis I had before we started to play! A couple photos of that game.

Impudent Mortal

This was a new vendor at Siege and I had never seen their product before. Once I looked at the terrain I fell in love with several of the packages. They make terrain for 28mm, 15mm, and 10mm.

Here are some links:

I picked up the Bunkers, Pipe Walls, and Horizontal Tanks all in 15mm.

I plan to put together the Horizontal Tanks and Pipes and use them for my Sci-Fi gaming. The bunkers can be used for WW1 - Sci-Fi eras, and I have just finished putting them together.

Horizontal Tanks:


The packages came with six bunkers, and I assembled the first bunker to see how to do it, then made an assembly line to do the last five. All total, it took about 2.5 hours to assemble, while I watched TV. Because they are made of wood and cardboard, they look good as is and can be used now and painted when I have time. They almost look like concrete straight out of the assembly line!

They don't necessarily open from the top, but you can place a stand of infantry or MG on the table, then put the bunker over them and they will hide nicely. You could add some simple additions to make it so that you could lift off the roof. I glued all mine down. Some shots of the bunkers:

Wood frame, top of bunker, and the sides (still in the card frame)

Close-up of the assembled bunker:

Shot of the five I had completed, now they are all done and I hope to pain them soon. I plan on buying several more of their kits as they are easy to build and fit some niche terrain I don't have already.

Siege of Augusta was very well attended and it was nice to see some of my gaming buddies there from around the area.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Barrage Battalion Scale and Lots of Board Gaming

Supply Cut

We fought this battle twice, with a early war German Division assaulting a Brigade(+) of Belgians holding their supply line. August 1914 timeframe.

The goal was for the Germans to take both villages in 4 turns (2 hours of battle time), thus cutting the Belgian supply line to Liege. We used my Barrage WWI rules, but altered to Battalion Scale (each unit is a battalion).

First Playtest
Here are some shots from the game. Since this was the first playtest in a while we didn't quite finish this game in the evening. Germans were making very good progress, but were taking some punishment. Germans started with two Brigades on the board and a third arriving later (randomly on an Assets Arrive card)

  • Eric and Mike (Germans)
  • Jan and Charles (Belgians)

General situation: Germans have to take the two towns located on the main supply road (far side of the table)

Belgians ready for the attack. Although the Belgians looked entrenched the earthworks only represented hasty works: logs, dirt, furniture from town, etc. We rated at as CLASS II terrain for game purposes.

Photo from the Belgian perspective:

German 18th regiments advances in extended order towards their objective.

German machine gun company lurking in the fields.

German Jaegers advance in depth along a tree-lined road.

Belgian 75mm Krupp guns shatter a German column!!!

German artillery shatters the Belgian troops hold up in the town, while smoke is laid down to screen the assault. German MG company (left) opens up on the Belgian troops manning the hasty works.

Silly Belgian Commander (Charles)

Link to 90 more photos!

Second Playtest

The second playtest, the Germans were able to take the smaller town from the 2nd Carabinier regiment that was defending it, while the 8th German regiment breached the middle of the Belgian line overrunning 2 batteries and a Belgian infantry battalion, then rolling up the flanks of the other Belgian units holding the line. Suddenly another German brigade arrived on the battlefield to confirm the victory. We really had a great time. Game lasted 3 turns.

  • Eric and Mike (Germans)
  • Jan and Charles (Belgians)
Here is a quick stop action movie of the latest Barrage Battalion Scale game we played with a couple of cool photos.


1st Battalion, 2nd Carabinier (Belgians) await behind hasty works for the German assault!

LINK to more photos and another time-lapse movie from the other side of the table.

Cool photo of one of the battalions from the German 8th regiment storming the Belgian hasty works

Here you can see the German 8th regiment breaching all along the Belgian defensive line:

Just a spectacular game!

On the Board Gaming Side

We have been continuing to playtest When Whales Fight (1950s Korea) the block game to be Kickstartered as part of the Fog of War series from Academy Games. Top notch fun!

Also playing Crusader Rex (Columbia Games) and Command & Colors Napoleonics.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Maximilian Adventure - Battle of Morelia - Dec 18, 1863

Battle of Morelia - Dec 18, 1863

The Republican forces of General Uraga have decided to attack the garrison at Morelia to secure their lines of communications and their supply route through the territory.

General Berthier and Marquez of the Imperial forces have arrayed their army to defend the town and the ridge to the right of the town.

This was a very enjoyable battle, with both sides going through the emotional swings only a Piquet game can deliver.

At one point the Imperialist thought the game was over, but the Red Hussars of the Imperial army saved the day. True drama at its best.

Mike Johnson - Imperialist Commander
Charles Caball - Republican right wing commander
Eric Burgess - Republican left wing commander

Note - I had two other players that couldn't make it.

Here are some photos of the game. Enjoy and we will be fighting the battle again next week with about 4 more units on the Republican side.

Here is the initial setup from the Republican point of view. Town of Morelia is the one in the middle of the battlefield.

View from the Imperial side.

Nice look at the Republican army ready for the assault.

Imperial infantry stand ready

7th Line of the Imperial Mexican Army

Turcos (light blue) and King's Battalion of the Belgian Foreign Legion defend to the front of Morelia.

The ground level view from the Republican side.

Here we can see that right flank of the Republican army advancing on the town. The yellow chips are Opp Fire chips the Imperials are using to blast the Republicans as they advance.

Turcos unleash a volley that kills two stands of the 1st Line regiment, and routs them!

Republicans attack the Turcos with the 4th Line and 3rd National Guard, destroying the Turcos and forcing them to rout! The Republican Morale is sky high now! One of the best Imperial units was just routed.

Republican 4th line ready to follow-up on the Turco's rout!

Strange looking tumble weeds blowing through the battlefield.

The Imperialist have other plans. They advance the Emperor's battalion (left) and the Red Hussars to stem the tide. The Red Hussars will earn glory  on this battlefield today!

Notice that there are not units around the Red Hussars as they keep hitting the Republicans in the flank and rolling up their forces. The Republicans are desperately trying to find anybody that can stop the carnage the Red Hussars have unleashed upon them!

Republican Army Roster for the game. They started with 20 morale chips and 19 units. Ouch! they did have an Army bonus of UP1 to all cavalry melee for the battle. This was all determined by the ACD (Army Characterization Deck) in the Piquet rules.

Oh crap! The Red Hussars get a Heroic Cavalry Move and smash into my Republican guns on the flank with very predictable results! Curse you Red Hussars!

Just before the overrun.

Mike's admiring his new captured guns.

It gives great pleasure to the general.

Nice ground level shot of the battlefield.

Republicans try to advance up the hill to attack the Imperials 1st Cazadores (Charles' new favorite word), but were sorely disappointed.

Feeding the beast!

Republicans get their light guns in action on the  right flank, but are unable to convince the Imperialists that they mean business.

Eric has finally had enough of the Red Hussars and brings in the D12 3rd Cavalry Regiment to dispatch them!!! Payback is a bitch!

Eric rolls and "Oh nooooooo", the Red Hussars rout the 3rd Regiment!!!

This effectively ends the game even though the 2nd Regiment of cavalry that followed did rout the Red Hussars, the damage they did was devastating.

The view from the church. The burial detail will be busy tonight.

The market continues with business as usual. :-)

Great game and can't wait to play next week!