Thursday, April 2, 2020

Vauban's Wars - Custom Cards

Good morning gamers!

The proof copies of my Vauban's Wars custom card deck have arrived.

The rules come with cards printed on paper, however folks may want to pimp out their cards with these custom cards! They are true casino style poker cards and have a great feel to them.

Here are a couple photos of the cards. The Garrison cards have a blue top with a unique fortress map on the back, while the Besieger's cards have a red top and an assault painting on it. This will allow players to easily identify which cards belong to each player no matter which side of the card is visible.

Also, there are little cannon-ball icons on all the base deck cards, theses are the cards you always have in your sequence deck. Each turn you grab these 11 cards, then add three more for a total of 14. These extra three cards can vary based on weather, leadership quality, and army.

Lastly, there are five blank cards for each side that you can use to make your own different cards or replace an existing card if it is lost.

The rules should be ready to send to the printer and get a proof copy by mid-April. Then I hope to have them reviewed and ready for production by May 1st. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Some photos!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

SYW - The Russians are Coming and some others too

Several months ago I purchased Brian's SYW Russian army, which was one of the few armies I didn't have!

They required re-basing (to match my existing basing), new flags (I'm OCD about these and picked them up from Vaubanner), and some small paint touch-ups. One thing Brian didn't have was Russian heavy artillery, so I ordered from 19th Century Miniatures (Old Glory SYW 15mm range) and requested individual guns as I already had plenty of crew. I was thrilled I could order guns without crew and as many or as few guns as I wanted. I bought guns for the Russians and my Saxon army (which is nearly complete).

I just finished painting the new heavy batteries and decided to get them based and flocked, so that I will have six different batteries (3 heavy) for the Russians. This should be enough for my games and I can always use other nations guns as proxies if I need more.

Photo of Russian guns (with one more heavy battery crew being finished):

The Russian SYW collection also has:
  • 4 Grenadiers Regiments
  • 15 Line Regiments
  • 5 Cuirassier Regiments
  • 2 Dragoon Regiments (didn't really fight in the war)
  • 1 Hussar Regiment
Russian Army

Just have 3 more infantry to re-paint their coats, add flags, then bam! I can at least play with the army. Need to flock, paint the flag poles red, then touch up the fringe of the flag edges so they don't show the white of the paper.

There were no Russian generals either, so I will need to paint those up. Other than generals and maybe some Horse Grenadiers, I think this collection will be complete once I finish rebasing all the units. I can use the generals for this collection and my Potemkin Russians (1788-1792) who can fight Poles, Swedes, and Ottomans.

I was also able to get some more units from Pep (my painter in Spain).

French and Reichsarmee

Saint Germain Regiment

Cuirassier: Royal-Carabiniers

Cuirassier: Bourgogne

Gentlemen Regiments: Lastic de Saint-Jal

Gentlemen Regiments: Bussy-Lameth

Reichsarmee: Mainz Regiment (w/ Austria)

Reichsarmee: Roth Wurzburg Infantry (w/ Austria)

I'm nearing the completion of my SYW collection! I can't believe this is going to happen. I just need to get my British done (about 15 units) and a few more French (Gendarmes), 2 or 3 Prussians, and I'm done! Woot!!!

When complete I will have the following SYW armies:
  • Prussian
  • Austrian
  • French
  • Hanover
  • Hesse-Cassel
  • Brunswick
  • Russian
  • Reichsarmee
Other Horse and Musket armies:
  • Ottomans
  • Russian Potemkin (late 1780s - early 1790s) fought Ottomans, Poles, and Swedes.
  • Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth

Years of great gaming to come!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Wargaming in 2020 - A Look Forward

With 2019 in the rear-view mirror I wanted to get down on "paper" what I plan to do in the year 2020.

First, Happy New Year to all my gaming friends across the globe!

I'm setting some lofty goals around miniatures and publications for this new year and I hope I can get most of it accomplished!

Miniatures Work

  • Publish Vauban’s Wars in the first quarter of 2020. I'm getting the last feedback from blind remote playtesters so I should have a real good idea of where I stand. I can't image this not being shipped by end of March 2020.
  • Finish building my PaperTerrain Vauban fortress in 15mm. (Need it for photos for the rules)
  • Finish painting and flocking my 15mm Potemkin Russian forces.
  • Finish painting, basing, mounting flags, etc for my SYW Russians.
  • Finish flocking\labeling my Maximilian collection (I rebased everything last year)
  • See if I can finish my Japanese for the RJW 
  • Finish painting Taiping collection, then flock them. (28mm)
  • Dare I finish my WWI trench boards? Started them 15 years ago! 
  • Finish Guns of Liberty 3rd Edition. This will be the last and final ruleset I will write for publication as it is too much work.

Miniature Gaming

  • Maximilian in Mexico
  • Seven Years War and War of the Austrian Succession
  • WW2 Pacific with Jungle Terrain
  • RJW
  • Get Ottomans on the table vs Russians and Austrians.
  • Sure would like to get my 1790s Poles and Lithuanians out of their boxes!

Board gaming:

  • Virgin Queen Saturday
  • Europe Engulfed Saturday
  • Paths of Glory Saturday
  • COIN games: Fire in the Sky and another
  • Spanish Civil War CDG that Jan picked up.
  • Empire of the Sun Sundays with EC
  • Play Jaws, Freedom (Ottoman vs Greeks), and Stronghold too.
  • Gaming with the family! 
Already got Jaws and Freedom on the table!

A shot of Freedom! Unique game system with nice decision matrix.


2019 - A Year in Review

Well, another year gone by and boy was it exciting on the wargame table!

With the family starting to game with me I'm getting more and more time to play games!

   Miniatures:   18
   Board Games: 167

I'd like to do more miniature gaming in 2020, but can't complain when I get to play 180+ games a year! Wow!

Here is a list of what was played during the year, and I'll do another post on what I hope to accomplish in 2020. Bolded games are miniatures battles. Post comments of games that may interest me. I did get the following new games for Christmas:

  • JAWS 
  • Undaunted: Normandy
  • Stronghold 2nd Edition
  • Operation Dragon (Expansion for Captain Sonar)
  • Robinson Crusoe
JANUARY (Miniature Games: 4, Board Games: 25)

 2nd - Scythe
 3rd - Architects of the West Kingdom (AWK)
 5th - AWK x 2, Raiders of the North Sea
 6th - AWK x 2, Raiders of the North Sea
 9th - AWK
12th - Azul x 5
13th - Azul x 5
16th - Blue Max 
18th - Battle of Cologne (Siege of Augusta) BattleGroup 20mm skirmish
20th - Azul x 4
23rd - Boxer Rebellion 
26th - Clank!
27th - Clank!
30th - Boxer Rebellion 

FEBRUARY (MG: 3, BG: 17)

 2nd - JJ Con - Fantasy Combat Patrol, Chariots, Zorro Tavern Battle
 3rd - Clank!
 6th - ROOT
 9th - 2 x Explorers of the North Sea
10th - 3 x Azul
13th - Nemesis (Wow, what a game!)
15th - Raiders of the North Sea
16th - Combat Infantry
17th - Nemesis
20th - SpaceCorp x 2
23rd - 2 x Viti, 2 x Azul
27th - Nemesis

MARCH (MG: 2 BG: 12)

 2nd - Explorers of the North Sea
 6th - Dungeon Saga 
 9th - Now Boarding and Azul x 5
13th - Dungeon Saga - Finished main campaign.    
27th - ROOT
30th - Vinticulter, 3 x Azul

APRIL (MG:0 BG:10)

 3rd - ROOT
 6th - Julius Caesar
10th - 1618: Tragedy - Outstanding game by Brian Asklev! We are playtesting. Hope Academy Games releases this ASAP!
13th - 2 x Architects of the West Kingdom, Raiders of the North Sea
14th - 2 x Azul
17th - 1618: Tragedy
24th - 1618: Tragedy

MAY (MG: 0 BG: 22)

 1st - JUNTA!
 3rd - 1618
 8th - JUNTA!
15th - Black Orchestra
17th - 2 x Azul
18th - Viticulture, Now Boarding, Azul
20th - Raiders of the North Sea
21st - Now Boarding
22nd - Black Orchestra
25th - 3 x Copenhagen, Explorers of the North Sea
26th - Explorers of the North Sea
27th - 3 x Copenhagen, 2 x Azul

JUNE (MG: 3  BG: 24)

 2nd - 2 x Copenhagen
 3rd - Tuscany
 4th - Architects of the West Kingdom and Azul
 5th - Siege of Olmutz (Vauban's Wars)
 6th - 2 x Copenhagen, 2 x Azul
10th - Black Orchestra, Copenhagen
11th - Tuscany and Copenhagen
12th - Siege of Olmutz (Vauban's Wars playtest)
13th - Now Boarding, 2 x Azul
15th - Tuscany
17th - Raiders of the North Sea, Copenhagen
19th - Siege of Olmutz part 2 (Vauban's Wars)
24th - C&C Medieval
25th - C&C Medieval
26th - ROOT
29th - 2 x South Pacific - EotS Scenario

JULY (MG: 1  BG: 11)

10th - Sycthe
13th - Tuscany
17th - Song of Ice and Fire 
20th - C&C Medieval
21st - Tuscany
24th - Black Orchestra
27th - Heroes Welcome
28th - Heroes Welcome
29th - Wing Leader
30th - Napoleon 1806
31st - Mare Nostrum

AUGUST (MG: 1  BG: 9)

 4th - Empire of the Sun - GMT Games
 7th - Dungeon Saga - New Campaign vs Orks
 9th - 1 x Architects of the West Kingdom, 3 x Azul
11th - Empire of the Sun - GMT Games
14th - Mare Nostrum - Academy Games
25th - Empire of the Sun - GMT Games
28th - ACIS (Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea) GMT Games


 1st - Empire of the Sun
 4th - Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East (ACME) - Playtest
 8th - Empire of the Sun
11th - Battle of Hohenfriedberg WAS 
14th - Tuscany
18th - Battle of Hohenfriedberg WAS
22nd - Empire of the Sun
25th - Vauban's Wars Playtest 
28th - Welcome Heroes and Copenhagen
29th - Pandemic

OCTOBER (MG: 0  BG: 7)

 2nd - ACME Playtest
 6th - Empire of the Sun - Japanese Victory!   
13th - Tuscany and Azul
16th - ACME Playtest
23rd - Vikings 878
30th - A Las Baricadas - by Compass Games


 6th - Explorers of the North Sea
 9th - Hammer of the Scots and Maneuver
13th - Zombicide: Black Plague
16th - Suburbia
20th - 1754
25th - Louis XIV
26th - Combat Infantry East Front
27th - Copenhagen and Architects of the West Kingdom
30th - Nemesis


 4th - Scythe
11th - Vauban's Wars - start at second parallel 
14th - Game of Thrones (mother of dragons expansion) at MooseCon
18th - Nevsky
22nd - Horse & Musket
23rd - 2 x Steampunk Rally
26th - Atlantus Rising, Steampunk Rally
28th - 2 x Steampunk Rally, Jaws
31st - JAWS