Friday, January 26, 2024

New Games for the New Year - Naval Warfare?


I just wanted to share what is hitting my gaming table lately. A weird collection of games and scales, plus some new Euro style games. I've never been into Naval games (no terrain), but because I bought a game called Fighters of the Pacific, I wanted to add additional ships to the game at 1/2400 scale to match the small number of ships that come with the game. Of course, I can't just add a few ships!

Naval Thunder - Savo Island Game

Now, my local gaming friend, Daryl, decides to run a Savo Island scenario using the Naval Thunder rules at Cape Fear Collectables game store! He wasn't using miniatures, but rather 2D top-down miniatures that match the counters from the Fighters of the Pacific game. Alarm bells go off and I now know where I can get additional ships for Fighters of the Pacific! 

Daryl is using Top Side Miniatures

A photo of two of the ones I purchased. I bought the hard copy version that comes on beautiful vinyl paper with a peel off backing. I just stuck mine to thick black Presentation board that you can get at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

You may notice that the first picture has Italian ships! I ended up buying the two Battle Sets: Pacific and Mediterranean. There is a Kickstarter for Fighters of Europe and I hope to add ships into that product when it arrives.

The Battle of Savo Island

Naval Thunder Rules

Daryl's summary of the battle:

"Savo Island proceeded today at CFC. The Japanese were played by Daryl as Flag Commander with Michael and Eric. The US were played by Harrison as Flag  Commander with Bill and Rob. The Japanese enjoyed early success sinking the Chicago on turn 2 while suffering little damage. The fates turned however when the Vincennes, Quincy ,and Astoria inflicted a heavy toll on the lead Japanese cruisers. The fight of the day goes to Rob's Bagley class DDs  that, although losing 5 of the 6, sunk 2CL and 1 CA with precision torpedo strikes. The night action belonged to the Allied forces. A well earned victory!"

Post Analysis

"OK, a little research into the battle and the rules and the flaw in the way the scenario was written becomes obvious. The exhaustion rules should be replaced with hidden rules.  This would require the Allied ships to spot the Japanese ships before they could engage them.  The Japanese historically were able to close on all of the Allied ships, in two separate engagements, and fire torpedoes before the Allies were even aware of them. The fire from the first fight did not alert the second group of Allied ships. In fact, the setup for the allied ships was incorrect. They were in patrol line formation, not attack fronts, and of the DDs only 2 ever engaged and they fired one torpedo spread and disengaged.  A 3rd DD, the Jarvis, was so badly damaged it was on its' way to get repairs and was torpedoed the following day and sunk with all hands.  The 2 picket DDs never were involved.

Suffice to say I've learned my lesson on trusting scenario setups.  I will do my own research from here on."

I only took a few photos and only one is worth showing:

Spanish Armada

So, what the heck am I doing? I saw a nice Armada miniatures game at Historicon with simple rules and the players seemed to be having fun. I then remembered that Peter Dennis, Paper Boys fame, had drawn out the entire Spanish and English fleets for this period of time. So, with a $10 purchase at Siege of Augusta I picked up the Spanish Armada book. Just need to cut and glue and I will have two entire fleets to recreate some of the action of that period of time. Why not?!?! Hahahaha.

Links to WoFun, Hellion, and Peter Dennis Site


Ok, this game is gorgeous. The components are just amazing. I've played solo and it was good fun, but can't wait to play with my group. It is a very lightweight wargame, which I may be able to get the wife to even play. Innovative and unusual game. Here is a review from a more experienced player which coves all aspects of the game.


BGG Link

Below are three of the six factions included in the game. Horse Lords, Corsairs, and Dragon Lords.

Maps are hand-drawn and are made of psuedo-silk.

Other Euros

Every Sunday night my wife and I get together with Bill and Linda to play Euro games. Here some of the new ones we have purchased and\or started playing already

I've heard tons of great reviews on Obsession and fits into my wife's obsession with Downton Abbey! I can't wait to break this one out. BGG Link.

Next, I picked up this massive Castles of Burgundy Special Edition game at Siege of Augusta convention. This has been on my purchase list for a long time and just fell into my lap at the convention. BGG Link

Lastly, is Ark Nova which is HIGHLY rated and we started playing this about two weeks ago. I give it an A so far. We have really enjoyed it and has emmence replayability.  BGG Link.

Cheers! That is all for now!


PS - Look for a Sikh War battle in 15mm in February! Kudos if you read this far!!!