Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polish Crown Infantry Mustering for Battle

Well, I'm pretty fired up about my Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Army which I will used to fight my existing Russian forces. Still need to flock the bases, but you get the idea. :-)

Photos of the 8th Crown Infantry Regiment

Photo of 5 Polish Crown Infantry Regiments - I now have eight of them based and with flags flying proudly! The Russians are in for a big surprise!

Russians that are going to come fresh from the Turkish front to fight the Poles!

Should be a great project and loads of fun to fight once I'm through. I will be using Piquet's Cartouche\Les Grognards supplements to fight these battles. I will make custom sequence decks and ratings.



  1. Looking good! Nice to see, thanks. What figures are they?

  2. The Poles and Russians are from Falcon UK's range of 15mm figures. They are well done and really are unusual. Allows you to fight all sorts of enemies and across all sorts of terrain and fortifications.