Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vienna Falls to Turks!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. (I still owe you a Boxer Rebellion update)

In this post I wanted to show a glorious 25mm battle we fougth at Joe Robert's Wargame bunker in Gastonia, NC.

His collection is spectacular and was painted by David Bonk and the walls of Vienna and the entrenchments were made by Herb Gunt?(Not sure I have that spelled correctly)

The scenario was a combination of Turkish assault on the walls of Vienna while the Polish\German allies charge in to relieve the siege.

Rules were adapted from Joe's ACW rules, and movement was dramatic in that units could move upwards of 3 feet on a charge order! The game was fast and furious and the photos will give you an idea of the eye candy on this table.

The Turks were able to hold off the Polish relief force and capture the walls of Vienna resulting in a Turkish victory! I played the Tartar horse archers, which played fairly historically.


View of Vienna from the Ottoman Camp and Siege Works

City's Fortress Guns before the Turkish mine explodes under them

View of the Turkish siege works from the vantage point of Vienna

Jannisaries mass for the assault!

Polish and Allied cavarly charge!!!

Ottoman cavarly countercharges!

The collision!

Polish Cavalry charges

Turkish forces asssault Vienna, notice far fewer fortress guns since the mine exploded.

Titanic cavalry battle! The Turks eventually held this flank long enough to breach the walls of Vienna.

The game took about 3 hours to fight to conclusion which was nice.


  1. WOW! Spectacular game. Just what I I feel the need to paint Ottoman Turks.

  2. Fantastic looking game. Especially the walls and trenches

  3. thanks! The walls were amazing. I was blown away when I walked in the door. Joe has SEVERAL spectacular wargame collections, mostly in 28mm. He actuall has TWO wargaming rooms.

    Games I have played at his place: 28mm French Foreign Legion, 28mm Napoleonics, 28mm Ottomans vs Poles, 28mm Zulu, 15mm ACW, 28mm F&IW, and 28mm Romans vs Guals. Not sure how many other collections he has, but each one is top notch!

  4. I have dozens of battle photos from this game, especially a lot of close ups, so if anybody wants more photos please ask.

  5. Wow!Really great stuff there!