Friday, June 18, 2010

Kornilovsky's Regiment - Russian Civil War


Thought I would share some photos of my Kornilovsky Regiment for my Russian Civil War project. They are 15mm Peter Pig figures, which I painted. I used a wash technique on these figures. I'm happy how they turned out.


  1. They look good. Can you describe the wash method you used?

  2. Hi Victor,
    For the wash I just used 1/4 to 1/3 paint mixed with water. So I painted the figures all white base, then used whatever colors I wanted washed on the uniforms. The hats were straight paint though.
    Sometimes the wash looks too light, but after it dries it looks fine. Take some old figures and experiment first.

  3. Thanks Eric. I'll have to try it.

  4. Eric, fantastic looking figures! What do you use for basing?

  5. Chuck, sorry for the delayed response. Static grass, long grass, flocking, and some ballast for earth.