Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vauban's Wars Playtest at Historicon (2013)

Well, I have finally gotten back into miniatures after nearly a year off. I'm re-writing parts of Vauban's Wars (Siege Warfare 1680 - 1815) in an effort to stream-line the rules.

I'm going to have 5 play testers at Historicon to help me with the 10th revision of the rules!

It will be good to have 5 gamers that have never played the rules give me their feedback on game play.

We will be fighting the Siege of Praga (Warsaw) during the Polish War of Insurrection 1794!! Hard to get more unique than that with the Russians attacking the Polish garrison.

Wikipedia Link:

Here is a link to a playtest done by Peter Anderson and his team from a couple years ago (last time I worked on the rules)


My game will be run on Friday Night at 7pm so please drop by and play in the rubble!

PS - desperately trying to finish painting the fortress and guns before Historicon gets here! I may post a photo or too later. I will definitely have a bunch after Historicon.

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  1. eatselt 57Interesting read about the siege/battle. It helps understand in more depth the long standing hostility between the Poles and the Russians as well!

    Hopefully I'll be able to steal some looks and pics of yopur game whil;e running mine!