Sunday, June 1, 2014

SYW Prussian Reinforcements Arriving

Well, I'm scaling my collections back and focusing on completing some key collections like my 15mm Seven Years War collection.

I found a fantastic painter in Spain named Pep, that is working on my Prussian reinforcements!

Here are the first two shipments for your review!

Cuirassier Regiment No 2 - Prinz von Preu├čen

Musketeer Regiment No. 3 - Anhalt-Dessau

Hussar Regiment No. 4 - Puttkamer

Musketeer Regiment No. 5 - Braunschweig Regiment

Hussar Regiment No. 6 - Wechmar Regiment

Musketeer Regiment No. 7 - Braunschweig-Bevern Regiment

Musketeer Regiment No. 10 - Knobloch Regiment

Musketeer Regiment No 13 - Iztenplitz Regiment

1/23rd Grenadier Battalion

5/20th Grenadier Battalion

13/26th Grenadier Battalion

I have 4 more musketeers, 1 Grenadier, and one more Hussar regiment to go, then I should be nearly completed with regards to my Prussians.

Next, I have to chose between Saxons, Hanover, Brunswick, or Hesse-Kassel reinforcements! I just maybe I will do them all!

Historicon is around the bend and I can't wait to see everybody there. I'd like to run a game or two, but as of now I'm just not motivated. Our group has been playing boards games almost every week and really having a great time with that!



  1. Very nice units

    I assume Pep is reasonable price ?

  2. Hi Eric

    I would go for Saxons.

    Have a good time at Icon



  3. Reasonable, I guess. They are based and ready to go. Don't have to do a thing with them so they are worth it. His quality is excellent.

    Mark, if I do the Saxons it would be for ahistorical battles, because they were not very involved after their surrender.

  4. Great additions, Eroc!

    And your reason for not using these lovelies for a Historicon games is....



  5. Hi Peter, I see you are trying to lure me into running a game at Historicon! Just may work!

  6. Great looking units, love the Cuirassiers and the Musketters n°10 especially...very nice work!

  7. Looking very good and money well spent. I would love to be able to get someone else to paint my lead mountain!



  8. Robert, you already have massive painted armies! Can't imagine if you have more unpainted lead laying around!