Thursday, September 4, 2014

Playtesting New Fog of War Series Title on the 1950-51 Korean War

Hi folks,

As per my prior post, I was discussing that my group is playtesting a new game in the Fog of War series by Academy Games.

Just wanted to share some of the Playtest graphics with you.

!!! PLAYTEST GRAPHICS and most likely to change (especially the map) !!!

Here are some of the North Korean blocks. Notice the different color squares (black, blue, white), represent different types of units foot, motorized, and armor.

Some PRC blocks with Peng leading them, with several USSR and USA blocks from a "what-if" the Soviets got involved.

Some of the USA blocks

South Korean blocks on the playtest map!

I will post more when I get through a couple playtest games.

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