Friday, August 28, 2015

3D Campaign Maps - Part 2

Most of the feedback has been very positive for the 3D Campaign Maps, so I thought I would share a little more progress and setbacks in the prototype.

Painted Fields

First, here is the picture of the fields around the towns after I added 3 different paint schemes to the original green of the paper cut-out. I really love how these turned out.

Paints used

Pros: great visuals
1. I think the fields are too big, but I may be wrong. I could get away with much smaller fields surrounding the towns.

2. The paper that I glued onto the foam has contracted, causing the edges of the foam to turn up near the fields. Uggh! Just look at this warp!

Solution: don't use the "field" paper, and just paint on the fields. I'll have more control over the layout that way too. Also, I will be adding another foam sheet under the terrain to give it more sturdiness and to allow for something special. You will get a glimpse of that in the next post.

Added Villages
You can see the light colored brown villages along the roads. I wanted them to look different than towns.

Comments welcome!


  1. Stu, you read my mind. I'm working on that map right now. That will be part of my next post.

  2. The fields may be out of scale, but they convey what is needed. Rather than painting them on, have you considered felt instead of paper or paint?

    Clearly from the responses on TMP, you've sparked some interest! Please keep the updates coming.


  3. Nice further development of the concept!