Saturday, October 7, 2017

Historicon and the Months After

Hi folks,

Even though I haven't blogged in a while I have been quite busy on the wargaming front.


I had a wonderful time at Historicon as usual, but since they are moving the show back to Lancaster, PA, I doubt I will make that 9 - 10 hour trip anymore. It is ok, in that I will focus on my local gaming conventions and my weekly gaming.

You can see a battle report of my Reichenberg game on Peter's blog:

Here are some photos I took and I really like how the terrain come out. The rules I used was Cartouche from Piquet, 15mm figures (mostly Old Glory), and PaperTerrain houses.

Below is the carnage left after the armies left the field. The little black casualty markers are stand(s) lost in the battle.

I also really enjoyed playing in Martin Goddard's "Men of Company B" game (Peter Pig). The Search and Destroy mission was fun and exciting. I'll definitely play that one again!

War of 1812 x 2

I had the pleasure of fighting in two War of 1812 games in back to back weeks. What are the odds of that?!

The first battle was a knock-down drag out fight in 28mm over at Dr. Bob's house. We used Carnage & Glory for the rules and it was a MASSIVE game.

I had to leave to help my parents move before the end of the game, but I was told it was a nail bitter with the Americans coming out on top!

The second game was with Piquet using Brian's 15mm collection. We refought Bladensburg outside of Washington, DC! This ended up as a smashing British victory, although that game hung in the balance for most of the night.

Here are a couple of shots of the game.

This Heroic Artillery move allowed the Americans to bring up their BIG guns from the third line to the second line so they could hammer on the British a bit.

Americans try to halt the advance of the British. My America brigade paid a heavy price that day, but gave the other American commands time to form up and prepare for the big battle.

American forces routing from the field. Washington will fall.

Board Gaming

We have been very active as a group with board gaming. Sometimes I don't feel like setting up a big miniatures battle and it is also hard to get a big group of gamers together each week. Life can get in the way sometimes.

Here is a list of games that we have played over the last couple months.

July 26 - Zombicide: Black Plague (EB, Phil, Wes, Jan)

Aug  16 - Time of Crisis - Rome 3rd Century AD (GMT) (EB, Phil, Wes)
Aug  23 - Quartermaster General:1914 (Mac, EB, Brian, Wes) 2 games played
Aug  30 - Vikings 878 (EB, Charles, Jan, Phil)

Sept  6 – QMG:1914 (EB, Jan, Wes, Mac, HH) two games played
Sept 13 - Nappy Wars (EB, Jan, Paul, Phil, Brian)
Sept 20 - HIS playtest (EB, Jan, EC, Brian, Phil, and Wes)
Sept 27 - Time of Crisis - Rome 3rd Century AD (GMT) (EB, Phil, Brian, Mac)
Sept 30 - Twilight Imperium 4 - (EB, Wes, Mac, Hammer, Victor, Nick)

Oct  4 - Terraforming Mars (EB, Mac, Jan, Phil, EC, Charles)

Oct  8 - Manoeuvre (EB and Phil) x2 on Sunday

Here is the BIG one! We will be playing Here I Stand (GMT Games) on the 500th anniversary of the 95 Thesis and the religious wars of the 16th century..
Oct 21 - Here I Stand (Jan, EB, Brian, Phil, EC, BenS) - Saturday all day game at my house.

Guns of Liberty 3rd Edition

These rules are nearly ready for publication. I have a couple more playtests to work out, but then I should be able to hand off to the publisher for a 2018 release date. That will be the 20th anniversary of the rules too!

Vauban's Wars

I will be making more terrain for this ruleset, and should get back on track for a 2018 release once Guns of Liberty is off my plate.


  1. The Reichenburg game was great; thanks for running it! You certainly have played a LOT of board games, none of which I've ever even heard of! :-)
    I'll miss seeing you at Historicon, but I can't argue with the logistics; Fredericksburg was just about my limit for driving, and even then I was starting to seriously consider doing NJ Con or Huzzah (in Maine) instead; the drive from Wilmington on South towards Richmond is just that bad!

    besides, who know where Histioricon will be in 2019 or 2020?

  2. Really we are waiting to buy "Vauban's Wars". Will it be available as a usual Piquet PDF ruleset?

    Thank You

  3. Yes, PDF and Printed version is planned. I will be working on this again starting in March.

  4. ERIC!

    Where can I find a copy of GOL 2 or 3?

    2 would be fine. I'm a one dimensional AWI guy.



  5. Hello! Great write up. Would you mind if I posted a couple of pictures of the Vietnam game onto the RFCM group. I'm collecting as many images of Peter Pig games from across the web as I can find. Best regards Sean

  6. Hi Sean, you are welcome to use the Peter Pig Vietnam game photos.