Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maximilian Adventure in 15mm

I have a new period to game and a new collection! My friend Hal Hood wanted to trim down his miniature collection and offered to sell me his Maximilian collection, which is very extensive.

I picked up some additional unpainted lead at Historicon and bought his collection after Historicon. I now have a monster 15mm Maximilian collection, which is nearly complete. I touched up some of the figures, labeled all the bases, and based about 10 new units. I still have some work to do and want to rebase the figures on thinner bases to match my other collections. (Litko will have a nice order coming!)

When I rebase I will add all the flags at that point. I don't want to work too hard on the current collection as I can play with it as is.

Here is my muster for the period:

Imperial Mexican Army
5 x Line Infantry units
2 x Light Infantry units (Cazadores)
5 x Municipal Guards (Town Militias)
6 x Line Cavalry units
1 x Exploradoras Cavalry unit
1 x Empress Lancers

Foreign Units
4 x Austrian Legion Infantry units
2 x Belgian Legion infantry units
1 x Austrian Mountain Gun section

To Be Done:
2 x Cazadores
1 x Imperial Line Infantry
4-6 x Gun sections
2 sqdn x Belgian Legion Cav
1 x Austrian Mountain Gun section
6 squadrons x Austrian Legion Hussars
6 squadrons x Austrian Legion
4 squadrons x Contra Guerilla Cavalry

Republican Army
7 x Line Infantry units
1 x Supremos Podres Unit
9 x National Guard units
4 x Line Cavalry units
3 x National Guard Cavalry units
3 x Gun sections

To be done:
3 x gun sections

French Army
3 x Line Infantry units
2 x FFL units
1 x Sailor unit
2 x Zouave units
1 x Turcos unit
4 x gun sections
6 sqdn Chaussers d' Afrique
6 sqdn Chaussers

To Be Done:
2 x Chausser a Pied units
2 x Line infantry units
1 x Imperial Guard battery
1 x Egyptian battalion
1 x Siege battery
1 x Sailor gun section

Mexican Auxiliaries
Can be used for any army
4-5 x infantry units
6 x Cavalry units

To Be Done:
2 more infantry units
2 more cavalry units

Here are some photos of the collection in their storage cases. I hope to have more photos of them in action after next week's game. I will be using Piquet's Hallowed Ground rules.

Republican Mexican Army

Imperial Mexican Army

French Army

Auxiliaries and Austro-Belgian Legion



DestoFante said...


you are a mad man. But we love you this way!


Mad Guru said...

Wow, Eric, you are living my 25mm-28mm Maximillian dream in 15mm! I may finally have to start raising these armies, with the 150th anniversary of start of the "Adventure" less than 2 years away. I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of all your troops in action!

Best wishes,


Stephen Russell said...

This is wonderful stuff. I think after seeing this I will have to build a similar army. Be keen to know how things have developed.