Monday, August 16, 2010

Maximilian Scenario - Supply Depot

Hi folks,

Here is the scenario that I'm going to run on Wednesday night using Piquet's Hallowed Ground 2nd edition along with my tweaks to unit ratings.

Battle #1 - Supply Depot (1863)
This battle pits the French attacking a Republican town and supply depot.

Scenario Duration – 3 turns (1.5 hours before night fall)

French Objective: Drive Republicans from the village and the supply depot and capture as many supply wagons as possible. Due to nightfall approaching the French will need to push hard to achieve their objectives.

Republican Objective: Hold French off until nightfall so that the supply wagons can escape. Supplies need to be loaded wagons (one per infantry move in open card). There are six supply loads to remove from the mountain supply depot. These supplies are critical to the Republican effort as it is early in the war and supplies are scarce. It is also important to not have any units destroyed. Supplies move on Infantry Move card after loaded.

Maximilian Adventure – Sequence Decks
Cards                 Imperial Republican French
Artillery Move        2        2          3
Artillery Reload      2        2          3
Cavalry in Open       3        3          3
Deployment            1        2          2
Dress Line            4        2          0
Elites Reload         0        1*         1
Heroic Moment         1        1          2
Inf/Cav in III/IV     2        2          2
Infantry in Open      2        3          3
Maneuver              2        2          3
Melee Resolution      2        2          3
Musket Reload         2        2          3
Native Mobility       1        1          1
Officer Check         2        2          3
Total                 26       26        32

I have a ton of extra 4" x 6" photo paper from HP ink cartraige sets I have bought so I'm trying something different and printing out command group rosters on these photo paper sheets. If anybody wants to see the rosters I can email them the scenario along with the rosters.

French Army
3 Line Infantry
2 Chassuers a Pied
2 Zouave
1 Turcos
1 Naval Infantry
2 x 4# gun batteries (RML)
6 squadrons of the "Blue Butchers" - Chassuers d' Afriques
3 squadrons of Chassuers

Republican Army
4 Line Infantry
4 National Guard Infantry
2 Line Cavalry
2 National Guard Cavarly
1 12# gun section (SBML)
1 6# gun section (SBML)
Some photos of the game setup, with the supply depot on top of the large hill, near the river.

Should make for an interesting game.


  1. Looks interesting alright Eric.
    What movement rate will the wagons have along the road?

  2. Where did you get your figures?

  3. They are the Frei Korp range now sold by QRF (Quick Reaction Force) out of the UK