Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maximilian Adventure in 15mm

I have a new period to game and a new collection! My friend Hal Hood wanted to trim down his miniature collection and offered to sell me his Maximilian collection, which is very extensive.

I picked up some additional unpainted lead at Historicon and bought his collection after Historicon. I now have a monster 15mm Maximilian collection, which is nearly complete. I touched up some of the figures, labeled all the bases, and based about 10 new units. I still have some work to do and want to rebase the figures on thinner bases to match my other collections. (Litko will have a nice order coming!)

When I rebase I will add all the flags at that point. I don't want to work too hard on the current collection as I can play with it as is.

Here is my muster for the period:

Imperial Mexican Army
5 x Line Infantry units
2 x Light Infantry units (Cazadores)
5 x Municipal Guards (Town Militias)
6 x Line Cavalry units
1 x Exploradoras Cavalry unit
1 x Empress Lancers

Foreign Units
4 x Austrian Legion Infantry units
2 x Belgian Legion infantry units
1 x Austrian Mountain Gun section

To Be Done:
2 x Cazadores
1 x Imperial Line Infantry
4-6 x Gun sections
2 sqdn x Belgian Legion Cav
1 x Austrian Mountain Gun section
6 squadrons x Austrian Legion Hussars
6 squadrons x Austrian Legion
4 squadrons x Contra Guerilla Cavalry

Republican Army
7 x Line Infantry units
1 x Supremos Podres Unit
9 x National Guard units
4 x Line Cavalry units
3 x National Guard Cavalry units
3 x Gun sections

To be done:
3 x gun sections

French Army
3 x Line Infantry units
2 x FFL units
1 x Sailor unit
2 x Zouave units
1 x Turcos unit
4 x gun sections
6 sqdn Chaussers d' Afrique
6 sqdn Chaussers

To Be Done:
2 x Chausser a Pied units
2 x Line infantry units
1 x Imperial Guard battery
1 x Egyptian battalion
1 x Siege battery
1 x Sailor gun section

Mexican Auxiliaries
Can be used for any army
4-5 x infantry units
6 x Cavalry units

To Be Done:
2 more infantry units
2 more cavalry units

Here are some photos of the collection in their storage cases. I hope to have more photos of them in action after next week's game. I will be using Piquet's Hallowed Ground rules.

Republican Mexican Army

Imperial Mexican Army

French Army

Auxiliaries and Austro-Belgian Legion



  1. Eric,

    you are a mad man. But we love you this way!


  2. Wow, Eric, you are living my 25mm-28mm Maximillian dream in 15mm! I may finally have to start raising these armies, with the 150th anniversary of start of the "Adventure" less than 2 years away. I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of all your troops in action!

    Best wishes,


  3. This is wonderful stuff. I think after seeing this I will have to build a similar army. Be keen to know how things have developed.

  4. Inspiring, Eric. I've long had an interest in this period and even had the figures from Founfry but sold them. Thinking of FreiKorps15. Thanks for sharing. I like your OOB. Hal

  5. Thanks Hal! I would love to see what you come up with. I'm on the bring of running a Maximilian adventure campaign in 2019. Just have to figure out the logistics of it.

  6. Hi Eric. Studied your pictures for ideas as to how you organize your forces . Seems as if foot are 12 to 16 with most at 16 . Horse seem to be 6 to 8 Lthough I noted at least one at 12 . Are they all freikorps? Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you. Hal4

  7. Hi Hal,
    Sorry for the delayed response.

    All foot is 16 figure units for the most part with a couple smaller 12 figure units. Four figures per base. Cavalry are usually just 3 bases of six figures, but there are a couple 8 figure units. No units over 8 though. There may be two units of six side by side.

    Most of the figures are Freikorp. They really are the best for this period. The Mexican auxiliary are a mix of Musket, Freikorp (QRF), and others.

  8. Forgot to mention I've painted more and have rebased almost everybody to consistent (and available - Litko) wood bases. They are looking great!