Friday, August 20, 2010

Maximilian Battle Report - Supply Depot 1863


We had a fantastic game on Wednesday pitting the French vs. Mexican Republican forces around a small town and supply depot. Mike and Brian were the French attackers, while I played the Republicans. (See the OOB in my previsou post)

We used 15mm figures, Piquet rules (with my Max tweaks), and had a 3 turn game limit due to darkness falling on the battlefield.

View from the French lines. Supply depot in the middle top of the photo and Mike's brigade on the far left, while Brian commanded the near French brigades.

Turn 1

In the first turn the French attempted to launch a general assault across the entire battlefield with Brian's "Blue Butchers" moving quickly into engagement range of the Republican cavalry, which scared the CRAP out of me as the Chasseurs d' Afriques got their nickname for a good reason! (D12+1 in melee!)

French Brigade moves to the assault against
the supply depot

The "Blue Butchers" move into contact!

Two French infantry brigades comprised of line, Turcos, Zouaves, and Chasseurs a Pied stormed towards the town, while Mike's larger brigade of line, Chasseurs a Pied, Zouaves, and naval infantry attempted to storm the heights in front of the supply depot.

Good view of the French assault!

View of the cavalry

My Republican cavalry managed to disengage from the Blue Butchers, and they never bothered to follow up from there as their focus moved to the main attack in the town and supply depot.

Turn 2

The second turn saw the French center smashing into the town and taking valuable terrain while scattering the forces of the Republic. Meanwhile, the French assault on the supply depot was shattered and nearly caused the French to lose the battle. The Zouaves were torn to bits by 12# canister fire, the Chassuers a Pied were nearly destroyed by Republican infantry rifle fire and the naval infantry was repulsed with heavy casualties.

Supply wagons getting loaded as French advance

French take rifle fire from Mexican line infantry

French near the entrenchments

Moment of Impact!

Meanwhile back in the town!

-Another French Line battalion thrown into the fray!
Chasseurs a Pied position for assault!

Deadly fire!! Chasseurs lose 3 stands and rout!

Chasseurs melee, but only manage to disorder
the determined Mexicans

Chasseurs in the town blast the Mexian National Guard unit

French line assault and take the town section
routing the Republicans

Things are beginning to look bad for the Republicans.
Republicans rout in 2nd round of melee
as the Chasseur a Pied take another town section
Mexican National Guard unit attempts to dislodge the
French Line in the town, but are repulsed and routed
making the victory complete for the French.

Dispite the heavy casualties on the French brigade attacking the depot, the Republicans have taken too much damage from the town fighting and French artillery. My Republicans lost the battle and the supplies! (Zero morale chips and my center was completely destroyed by the end of turn 2).

We plan on fighting this battle again next Wednesday.
Eric Burgess

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