Friday, November 12, 2010

Amazons take to the Field - 15mm Fantasy Combat

Found some more battle photos of our 15mm Fantasy combat games. (Piquet rules)

We usually  setup two fantasy battles side by side on the table to allow more participation and playtesting. This night we had Brian's Amazon Army taking on Brian's lionmen army. On the second table we had Eric's Amazon army with a brigade of monsters fighting Eric's Dwarven army.

I didn't get a lot of shots of Brian's battle as I was actively fighting in the other one, but I love these two shots of the Mastadons smashing into the Amazons. The Lionmen Army lost this battle as their armor prooved too weak to resist the power of the Amazons. All the Amazon figures are available from Lone Gunman Games.

Meanwhile, in my battle you see the Dwarves on defense (another mountain pass scenario) with the Amazons Army and a brigade of monsters (Trolls, Bugbears, Drow, etc) attacking. The Dwarves managed to win this battle, but it was very close.

Dwarf Druid (front), Dwarven Brigade Commander (left), and unit of heavy dwarven spears

Amazons advancing with support from a Manticore!

General view of the Amazon\Monster assault

Bugbears by Ral Partha

Amazon commander on Griffin

Manticore flies over the Dwarven crossbowmen and engages them in melee

Bugbears crash into the Dwarven battle line

Amazon Heavy Sabretooth cavalr are attacked by the Dwarven Guard! This saved the Dwarven army as the Amazons were sweaping around the rear of the Dwarven battle line

Drow Lizard Riders (Ral Partha) attempt to break a tough Dwarven Heavy unit

Hope you enjoy!


Noel Vh said...

Oh so very nice. I love the olaphants, I had one and sold it but I will be getting more of them.

Great photos keet them coming.

Warren said...

More great stuff! I also love the olaphants, mastadons or what ever they are called. Who makes them?

Also the Amazons, who makes them?

Shame Ral Patha are not out there still those Drow Lizard riders are wonderful, forgot how nive they really are.

Keep the pics coming!!


Eric Burgess said...

Thanks for the complements!

Olaphants by Black Raven Foundry (Old Glory 15s).

Amazons by Thane Games, which is owned by someone else now.

Prometheus said...

What do the counters represent? The green, red, etc?

Eric Burgess said...

Green = disordered
Red = Routed
Blue = Mana Points