Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wood Elf Ambush on Orc Raiders - 15mm Fantasy Battle


Sharing some photos from a game night from about a year ago. Seems I only took photos of the pre-battle deployment as I was too busy enjoying the battle (Wood Elves won) to bother taking photos of the actual battle.

The scenario finds the Orc raiding army camped in a clear in the woods, only to be ambushed at dawn by the Wood Elves.

Orcs = Grenadier Miniatures
Wood Elves = Grenadier Miniatures
Ruined Monastary by Mal Wright



  1. Great work, love the sight of 15mm mass battle.........can't wait to see more

  2. Hello sir, i've been writing up my own 15mm fantasy battles/Rpg rules, and i think my game group and i are going to do a histroic refight of one of the battles. Being the one to look for inspiration i stumpled upon this beauty of a game you have here. Magnificent stuff.

    oh and if you are interested i have to pimp my game out (its free). just email me at and i'll give you the link/more info if you'd like.

  3. Hey Man, beautiful stuff, what ruleset did you use for this battle?

  4. I used my on home-grown Fantasy rules based on Piquet rule system. I'm now using the official Fantasy rules from Piquet called Hostile Realms.