Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taiping Rebellion - Overrun Scenario

Several years ago I was attempting to run a linked set of battles as a Taiping Rebellion campaign. We made it through 2 battles and then I was side-tracked (very easy to do), but I wanted to share with you the photos from the two battles.

This post is about the first battle called OVERRUN. This scenario was to depict the first initial growing pains of the rebellion witht the Taiping surprising and overrunning their enemies in the early part of the war.

You will see a large Taiping force fighting Green Bannermen (Imperial Chinese) along with some local militia.

Game was fought using Piquet rules. Figures are mostly Foundry with some Old Glory mixed in. Eventually I will get around to flocking the bases, but haven't completely decided on the technique I want to use on them. This is my only major collection of figures in 25mm.

The Taiping Flags are spectacular and are available from the Virtual Armchair General. Now if I can just get them to do the Imperial Chinese flags then my collection will be complete. I do plan on putting more Taiping flags on each unit, just because it looks really cool.

First you can take a look at the units involved and the initial deployment. The Taiping army was comprised of 3 infantry brigades, while the Imerial Chinese had two small brigades and some cavalry support. Chinese civilians can be scene fleeing the town.

The opening deployment from the Taiping side

View from the Imeperial town, with the civilians running for their lives

Taiping left wing brigade

Taiping right wing brigade with Black Banner of death

Imperial Chinese infantry defending the town
Taiping Wang (King), leading his army

Taiping Infantry. Love those flags and banners!


The battle begins!

Piquet Sequence Deck, with opp chips represented by antique Chinese coins you can by at craft stores

The 3 Taiping Brigades adavnce, with Jingails sniping away.
Closer view of the main attack

Good overall view of the assault

Veteran Taiping units attack the meat of the Imerial defense.

Miao Tribesmen (Taiping allies) take heavy casualties from Imperial Bowmen

Battle rages on the right

Taiping Levy are attacked by Imperial Cavalry

Massive engagement on the Taiping left, which drives the Imperials back

Imperial Chinese attacked by the religious zeal of the Taiping
 Hope you enjoyed the photos. I wish I had more photos of the end of the game, but the Taiping won the battle, as expected.

Scenarion #2 is called Confrontation and I will be posting that later this week.

Eric Burgess


Stuart said...

Excellent photos. I studied this period at university. Much neglected in wargaming, but a very colourful - and bloody - period in China's history.

Galpy said...

Great pics real nice looking armies

Siaba said...

Nice pics, Eric.