Monday, November 15, 2010

Dark Dwarves, Wood Elves, Griffin Riders, and Wemics

Here are some unit photos of some of my different fantasy 15mm armies.

Dark Dwarves by Grenadier

Dark Dwarf General

Dark Dwarf Infantry

Dark Dwarf Sorcerer
Wood Elves by Grenadier

Wood Elf Infantry

Wood Elf Rangers (rear)

Wood Elf Rangers (front)

Wood Elf Brigade Commander

Wood Elf Chariot

One of four stands for my Royal Archers
Elf Hero (round base)

Griffin Riders by Ral Partha

Wemics by Ral Partha
I personally think these are some of the most amazing sculpts around. I have based and flocked these since, but don't have newer photos.

I'll continue to post more photos this week.


Andy Cowell said...

Very nice looking minis!

Andrew said...

These are all so nice. Great paint job and great sculpts. I'm very particular about my fantasy minis. If were to go for 15mm, I would totally want these Grenadier figs.