Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cazadores de Mexico

I've just finished painting the 1st and 2nd battalion of the Cazadores de Mexico of the Imperial Mexican Army. I really like the uniforms of these units and used ITA06 and ITA05 Piedmont Bersaglieri from the Italian 1800-1899 QRF 15mm line of figures as substitutes. The figures are close enough for my needs.

Link to QRF site:

1st Battalion Cazadores de Mexico

2nd Battalion  Cazadores de Mexico

Next I plan on painting two units of French Line Infantry and the French Imperial Guard artillery. My Historicon project is making great progress.



Gonsalvo said...

Neat unit; sorta reminds me of St Patrick's Day gone terribly wrong, LOL!


Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figures!!!

Dale said...

Very nice looking troops and great colors.

Eric Burgess said...

Thanks folks! More great looking troops to come!