Monday, February 20, 2012

Egyptians Arrive in Mexico

As part of the French army, this Egyptian battalion was sent to Mexico where they fought with distinction. The figures are from Old Glory's 15mm Colonial range. A friend of mine had some extras and he let me have 16 figures to make this battalion.


Sweeping through the market

Sharp encounter with Republican regulars!

Well on my way to being ready for Puebla 1862 (I know the Egyptians didn't fight in that battle). I also plan on running at least one other Maximilian game at Historicon. That one will pit the Imeperial Mexican Army vs Republican Army. I invision the Austrian and Belgium Legion showing up in that game!

I flocked 4 Republican units, 3 Imperial units, 4 French units, 3 commanders, and 13 gun sections over the weekend!


  1. Quite fascinating that an Egyptian unit was sent to fight in Mexico! Seems very culturally in-astute given the strength of the Catholic Church there in life! Still, excellent opportunity for "color" for us.

  2. Peter, one of the main reasons that they were sent was the belief they could withstand the yellow fevor of coastal duties which the French had a lot of trouble with. Definitely adds even more color to this period, that is for sure.

  3. I didn't know that the Egyptians were sent there either, makes sense though. Great looking figures and terrain.