Saturday, October 24, 2009

Plains War Campaign - the final turns

I've finally restarted the Plains War Campaign that we began back in October of 2008. So far the Indians have given the cavalry some black-eyes and led them by the noses around the map.

The cavalry has reached the Sacred Grounds only to find the Indians gone and moving towards their winter hunting grounds.

Will the cavalry be able to pick off one or two of the villages before they completely disperse? Turn 16 & 17 should be a key to that effort.

You can look at some of the details of the campaign on my Charlotte Garrison website, see the link over on the left.

The campaign is being fought by 8 players, across the United States, with the battles being fought here in Charlotte. The campaign rules are something I made up and the battles are being fought with Din of Battle 2 Piquet supplement rules (which are still in development). I use 15mm figures for the battles.

Below is a photo from the Battle of Johnson pass where the 7th cavalry was mauled by the Hunkpapa and Sans Arc warriors.

Crow Scouts Lead four companies of the 7th Cavalry through Johnson Pass

Indians swarm over the last of the 7th attempting to hide in the thickets

I'll discuss this project in more details in a future blog.


  1. Nice looking terrain, it looks very real, what sort of cloth are you using?


  2. The felt is a brown multi-toned cloth with a bunch of woodland scenics flocking on it with some static grass and lichen. I really liked how it turned out. Not a lot of terrain, but the hills are made of 3" pink board, and I pin the cloth down to the hills and it turns our really nice.

  3. That terrain is REALLY impressive Eric! I'm gonna steal your idea. It really reminds me of the rolling hills in the Dakota's.