Friday, October 23, 2009

Wargaming Projects

I have a lot of wargaming projects I work on at the same time. Never seem to be able to finish any of them (go figure!), but I keep plugging away at them in hopes of one day completing them. Usually, I have to be inspired to work on a project and that usually happens while reading a book, wanting to write a new ruleset, seeing somebody's figure collection, or some obscure History channel show!

Current projects on the front burner are:

• Coehorn’s War (18th Century Siege Warfare ruleset and playtesting)
• Plains War Campaign (Part of my Din of Battle 2nd Edition playtest)
• Russo-Turkish War 1787 – 1792 (Nearly 400 pages of data collected so far)
• Junta! (Writing rules for small unit actions in an backwater Banana Republic)

I have a million other projects that I will work on over the year, but the four above are my current priorities.

Outside of those miniaiture projects, we like to play board games, especially from GMT. I'll blog about those when the time comes.

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