Monday, November 2, 2009

Make This Medieval Town by Usborne - Card Stock Buildings

I've finally finished my Usborne Medieval Town cut-out town the other day.

I'm using these buildings for my European armies. The buildings will work from about 800AD to 1900s. The buildings are easy to make and have a ton of character to them.

Some quick shots of the overall town:

Shops on the main street:

Small stable behind the Inn:

Here is a picture of the front cover.

I bought all the Usborne cut-out model books a long time ago so that I could have a ready supply of buildings. I actually bought 2 of the Town sections so that I could have about 30 buildings just from that period. Not sure how available these cut-outs are now, as Amazon seems to have some of them, but not all. I have about 10 different cut-out model books in total.

The town section works with the Village, Cathedral, and Castles sections. Here is a photo of them all together.

Here are some shots of the buildings on the paper mat along with some SYW French infantry (15mm) marching through the center of town.

I will use the buildings for many of my upcoming Siege battles where there is a town inside the fortress. Thought you might get a kick out of them. I'm working on the Village section next which has a Mill, Blacksmith, Manor House, and small church, along with some thatched houses. I hope to eventually mount these buildings on diorama style bases, with flocked basing, etc.

I'm going to try spraying the buildings with a dull coat finish to "tone" the shine off of them. Buildings take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour to make depending on size and difficulty. I usuallly make them while watching\listening to sporting events on the weekend.

Enjoy and good gaming!


  1. Eric,

    The buildings look great. Can't wait to see some pics of them in action or the action around them. :-)

  2. Nice start to your blog! Really like the town. As I often get dragged round National Trust and English Heritage properties with wife and kids I may now have a reason to go!



  3. They are beutiful buildings. I have them all except for the Keep. I also found a Med seaport which works as well. Awesome terrain for a great price.

    I look forward to seeing more.


  4. I live in Rochester, in the UK, and they sell these at the Rochester Castle gift shop. Just picked up the village and castle ones to build for my wargames. They are great.
    See here for images of Rochester castle - it's a Norman castle that was beseiged by King John (the brother of Richard the Lionheart).

  5. Great to see these put together. I'll have to buy the same Town book. I built 3 of the viking houses this evening. They took maybe 45 minutes.

  6. Keep it up! It goes quicker as you get a method down. I can't wait to do my next set, but first I have to figure out the best way to mount them. Look for some blogs on that project in the next couple weeks.

  7. Hi! Good to see an Usborne Medieval Town. That is the closest we will get, because if you do not have one already, they are as rare as hen's teeth. They are currently out of print :( and have been for a couple of years. I have the village and castle, but no town. So enjoy and use wisely... You will be the envy of several of us "out here" :)

  8. Janet, the Usbourne models are indeed hard to find. I bought a bunch back in the day, and have two of the town sets, so, I'm really set "for life" with them.