Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swedish Army - Russo-Swedish War 1788-90

My good friend Dan Schorr has a wonderful Swedish Army for the Russo-Swedish War of 1788-1790, which is right in my wheelhouse.

I asked if I could post his army photos as this 15mm collection is unique. Figures are painted by Dan, figures are from Falcon UK's 15mm line specifically designed for this period. Dan took the photos. Dan has one stand units, so his infantry are 10 figures per base. Cavalry is usually 4 figrues a base.

Swedish Line Infantry - Love those colorful standards!

Swedish Guns, Savolax J├Ągers, and the Line infantry

Swedish Cavalry

Swedish Generals between the two batteries

Hope you enjoyed seeing this unique army!


  1. Nice! Are you able to give me some details as to what rules you used, where one can find order of battle/scenario info, and what you used for guns? Falcon makes guns listed under their Napoleonics list, are those suitable for 1780s?

  2. The Swedes are from someone else, but I always use Piquet for my miniature games. I'm not sure what Dan uses for his rules.