Friday, March 26, 2010

Boxer Rebellion Battle - Stoking the Fire

Hi folks,

Thought I would post a couple teaser photos from my Boxer Rebellion setup that will be played on this weekend. I have eight friends coming over to do battle in this large Chinese walled port city.

This is 15mm terrain, and we will be playtesting Din of Battle 2nd Edition rules for the Piquet Colonial period.

Scenario is a dawn combined arms attack to destroy the Boxers and punish the Imperial Chinese for providing weapons and safe zones for the Boxers. There will be two naval landing forces, backed by naval gunboats, along with two land attack groups. The international forces will be composed of French, Italians, USA, Russians, and British.

Enjoy the eye candy, most of which was made by the great terrain maker: Mal Wright!!!

Black walls of the City

Crowded Port


View of the market and docks, Black Citadel in the background guarding the harbor.


  1. Fantastic stuff - the battle reports over on the Charlotte Garrison site were always very interesting but lacking in eye candy. This is just spectacular
    Looking forward to seeing it in action

  2. Incredibly awesome! I love port scenes.

  3. Jaw dropping WOW!