Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RevWar - French vs Austrians 1793

We fought this French Revolution battle (15mm) featuring the French Republican Army of Hal Hood and my Austrian Revolution army. I've been collecting my Austrians to fight the bloody Ottomans, but they fill in perfectly to fight Hal's French.

Hal's French Revolution army is pretty amazing and has loads of different figure manufacturers plus all sorts of vignettes. I love when he puts them on the gaming table! Normally, they are fighting the Vendeens, but this time it was my Austrain Army (mostly Chariot Miniatures).

The scenario was fought using Piquet and focused around a mid-battle counter-attack by French forces against a disordered and scattered Austrian line. All my Austrian batteries and Grenzers were disordered to start the battle. Yikes!

This really isn't a true battle report, but rather some nice photos of the game. I should have taken a photo of the original starting locations, but forgot to.

Austrian Reserves

French left wing Assault on the village

Austrian General and Drum Corp

French Attack

French Right Wing Attack

Mass Battle!

French Rabble

The game was won by the Austrians after the initial French breakthrough pushed the Grenzers back and overran a battery or two. The Austrians weighed in with numbers and smashed the thinned out French center. We hope to play a lot more games for this period. Lesson learned? Don't bring National Guard to a gun fight!



  1. I love the disheveled look of those French! What 15mm miniatures are these? Magister Militum?

  2. VERY nice! Looks like a fun game. I really enjoy the rabble look of the French, and Austrians are always pretty.

  3. Hal's French are from about 20 different companies, but the core are Magister Militum (Chariot Miniatures), Battle Honors, Minifigs, etc. He would have to comment in more detail.