Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is going on in the War Room!

Now that I have finished writing Din of Battle 2nd Edition for Piquet Inc, I'm going to finish working on a couple of other projects I have been tinkering with. DoB2 should be available by Historicon (July) of this year, likely much sooner.

1. Vauban's Wars (was Coehorn's War) which is 18th century siege warfare. I have a new playtest group which is helping with the rules. I hope to have this available in PDF format this year.

2. Get my Epic 40K figures back out on the table!

Photo of my War Room with my jungle terrain on the table!

The Epic 40K conversion to Field of Battle:ww2 has really receieved a lot of my focus. I'm putting 6 to 8 figures per Flames of War medium size bases, while two vehicles on a large base. If the vehicles are APCs I have been mounting them on a small base so that I can get more use out of them. You need a ton of Rhinos, etc to make your units mechanized! Superheavy tanks are one per medium size base which looks good.

With this basing scheme I literally have 100s of companies size units for Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Eldar, and Tyranids!

Since my Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Eldar are nearly all painted, this will allow me to play immediately and I hope to put the figures on the table next week for a run-through.

I'm also basing all my Sci-Fi buildings on floor tiles, and I think they are going to turn out great!

I hope to share my conversion ideas and concerns on this blog so others can chime in. The first Ultramarine Terminators have rolled off the assembly line and look great. I'll post some photos next week.



  1. A handsome wargames room - I shall have to take notes, I'm building one myself at present. What is the trophy shield on the right for?

  2. Hi Conrad,

    The trophy shield is actually in the shape of an arrowhead and I have about 20 real Indian arrowheads on it, and another 30 or so in storage. Fun to look at and talk about.