Thursday, May 5, 2011

Projects for 2011

This is my first attempt at keeping track of my projects for a year. I hope it makes me more productive.

Latest Update: June 6th (10 more flocked SYW Austrian units! 90% flocked now)

I'm going to use some color coding with percentages:

 0 - 20% complete  
 21 - 49% complete
 50 - 75% complete
 76 - 99% complete
 100% complete     

Wargaming Rules

Write Din of Battle 2nd Edition for Piquet Inc.:          100%   
Write Vauban's Wars for Piquet Inc.:                         85%   
Write version 3.0 of Guns of Liberty:                           50%   
Write Epic FOB based on Field of Battle WW2:          50%   

Wargaming Miniatures

Late 18th Century Armies
Paint Russian Infantry Units (1 of 4):           25%   
Flock all Russian Units (4 of 30):                  5%     
Paint Polish Infantry Units (x of x):               0%    
Paint Polish Cavalry Units (x of x):               0%    
Flock all Polish Units (x of x):                       0%    
Paint Ottoman Cavalry Units (x of x):           0%    
Paint Ottoman Infantry Units (x of x):           0%    
Paint Ottoman Artillery Units (x of x):          0%    
Flock all Ottoman Units (x of x):                   0%     
Flock all Austrian Units (x of x):                   0%     
Label all Austrian Units (x of x):                   0%    

Seven Years War Armies
Flock all French Units (37 of 37):                                100%   
Flock all Austrian Units (66 of 66):                             100%   
Paint Remaining Prussian Infantry Units (x of x):        0%     
Flock all Prussian Units (9 of 32):                               25%   

Epic Sci-Fi Armies
Rebase all Eldar:                           100% 
Rebase all Imperial Guard:           80% 
Rebase all Space Marines:            100% 
Paint New Eldar Units:                  0%  
Paint New Space Marine Units:     0%  

Russo-Japanese War Armies
Flesh Touch-up on all Japanese Units (x of x):    0%  
Flock All Japanese Units (x of x):                        0%  

Siege Warfare Armies
Paint Siege Guns:           0%  
Flock Siege Guns:          0%  
Paint Commanders:        0%  
Flock Commanders:       0%  

Wargaming Terrain

Finish making Parallel trenches:           80%  
Finish making Gun Enplacements:
Base and Terrain Viking Villages:       Buildings assembled
Base and Terrain Medieval Towns:     Buildings assembled
Base and Terrain Epic Buildings:          15% 


  1. Wow, and I thought I was in trouble! Seriously though, you've got a lot of red, sure, but now you've got a lot of focus too! Good luck.

  2. Thanks Mik! I hope I can stick to this. I really am very close to finishing some projects!

    Although this is a good list, I have enough to fill in 2012, 2013, and 2014 with just as much stuff!

  3. You've certainly made a dent into your plan, fingers crossed you may get it all done by the end of the year. I never make a plan, I let myself down too much!!

  4. Nice! I'm afraid to do this because I think up a new project every few days..

  5. I'm very scared to write down my UNTIL wargaming project list. I may just give up completely if I do that. Plan to flock some French today, so should have one from the list knocked out!

  6. Hi Eric

    Thats a lot

    My plan is to have no plan !

    Its always worked so far for me :-)


  7. Knocked out my French SYW over the weekend and now I'm on to my Austrians!

  8. Eric, what are you doing with Vikings? I see you're planning to finish up some Viking village bits...

  9. Actually Tony, I sold all my 15mm Vikings about 10 years ago. The buildings will be used for my 15mm Fantasy battles. The Usbourne buildings are amazing. I have built them all already, just need to put them on village tiles.