Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wargaming Projects for 2012

My "Projects for 2011" post did help me keep focused a little bit, so I thought I would start 2012 off with a project list and see how I do! In 2011 I was most happy to complete my Din of Battle ruleset for Piquet Inc, along with flocking most of my SYW collection! I'm going to shorten the list this time to see if I can get a sense of completion.

Latest Update: July 31st

Wargaming Rules
Write Vauban's Wars for Piquet Inc.: 85%
Write version 3.0 of Guns of Liberty: 50%    pushed to 2013

Wargaming Miniatures

Late 18th Century Armies
Long term project that I really need to finish. The Russians are nearly completed. The Polish I'm a long way from completing.
Paint Russian Infantry Units (1 of 4): 25%
Flock all Russian Units (4 of 30): 5%
Paint Polish Infantry Units (x of x): 0%
Paint Polish Cavalry Units (x of x): 0%
Flock all Polish Units (x of x): 0%

Maximilian Armies
This project is for my Historicon 2012 games: Battle of Puebla and Battle of San Isabel.

Paint remaining French Units (7 of 7): 100%
Paint remaining Republican Units (1 of 1): 100%
Paint remaining Imperial Units (4 of 5): 80%
Guadalupe Ridge for Puebla Game: 100%
Fort Guadalupe: 100%
Fort Loreto: 100%
Run two games at Historicon: Done!

Seven Years War Armies
Paint Remaining Prussian Infantry Units (x of x): 0%
Flock all Prussian Units (9 of 32): 25%

Siege Warfare Armies
I'm thinking of running a playtest game at Historicon.
Paint Siege Guns: 0%
Flock Siege Guns: 0%
Paint Commanders: 0%
Flock Commanders: 0%

Wargaming Terrain
Finish making WWI trenches: 80%
Finish making siege parallel trenches: 80%
Finish making Gun Enplacements: 0%
Base and Terrain Viking Villages: Buildings assembled
Base and Terrain Medieval Towns: Buildings assembled
Base and Terrain Epic Buildings: 15% 


  1. Finishing DoB2 and seeing it into print was a major accomplishment for 2011, for sure! If you can do the same with VW in 2012, that will be fantastic!


  2. Man,

    That's a lot of flocking projects!

    Dave M