Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maximilian Project in 15mm - Update

Hi folks,

I'm attempting to get ready for Historicon (July) and I plan on running at least two Maximilian games at the convention.
  • Game 1 - Refight of Puebla 1862. French vs. Republican Mexicans
  • Game 2 - Imperial Mexicans vs. Republican Mexicans
Over the last week I have painted a Chausser a Pied (French Light Infantry unit), along with putting flags on 23 units!!! Created a C-in-C command stand for the French, and Major General Thun for the Austrian Legion!

The armies are really starting to take shape.

Need to order some Litko bases (40mm x 40mm) to get my artillery done and I have an order in with QRF for 2 more French Line units, French Imperial Guard artillery battery, and 2 more Cazadores Imperial units. They should be a lot of fun to paint.

I'll try to take some photos in the near future, but you can look at my collection via the "Maximilian" label in this blog.

Major General Thun of the Austrian Legion with his new Flag!


  1. They should be fun and colorful to game with, Eric! I'll look forward to seeing them first hand.


  2. I've had a look back through your earlier Maximilian posts. Very nice! Can you tell us what the figure manufacturer is? I'm assuming they're Freikorps.
    Cheers WW

  3. Yes, most figures are Freikorp, but there are minifigs, musket miniatures, and frontier mixed in.