Monday, January 20, 2014

WW2 Pacific - Operation Tsunami

Hi folks,

Played this game five or so years ago, but never got around to posting the photos for this game.

Once again the terrain is made by Mal Wright, and looks absolutely amazing!

Rules: Piquet Bitzkrieg
15mm Figures from my collection

Enjoy the photos. I will make some comments on some of the pictures as I remember what happened. Heck, not sure who even won this one!

Americans landed unopposed, but that made the tension even more palatable.

Japanese forces were all put on the board at the start of the game. There are no "hidden" markers put on the boards. What you see is what you see.

US Marine Bravo Company HQ on the beach along with the field hospital and fire support mortars

The hill is plastered with off-shore naval gun fire and smoke to protect the advancing jar-heads.

Marines in the jungle.

View of the landing from the Japanese position.


Marines clear a native village

More naval gunfire hits the hillside, the Marines sense there are loads of Japanese bunkers in or around the hill.

Marines take incoming fire from Japanese mortars

USMC Corsair comes in to take out some stubborn defenses

One Japanese tank was hiding in the streets of the town hoping to avoid superior US firepower.

Some good shots of the terrain from above.


Can you see the Japanese bunker on the ridge line? No, neither did the marines until it opened up on them!

marines take out another bunker just to the top left of the smoke

Finally! Some armor arrives!

Shermans advance off the beach

The place would be pretty if we weren't getting shot at!


Japanese heavy gun waiting for the Americans!

USMC squad walks right on top of a bunker and gets chewed up! The bunker is under that big tall plant in the middle

Marines slip around the base of the large hill, always on the lookout for Japanese above and below ground.

Japanese platoon HQ, waiting by one of the bigger roads.

Japanese 2nd Company HQ

Hiding in the narrow streets

Where's the bunker? The picture after this shows you the answer.

Marines find out the hard way with devastating MG fire!

Banzi charge!

Japanese gun incinerates Sherman tank, before it is overwhelmed by American retaliatory fire.

What the Americans can see when the tank explodes!


Some of the more nasty terrain. There is a Japanese squad in there, but very tough to see.

Bunker destoryed

Japanese MG opens up on the USMC from the town. (Japanese could hide units in buildings)

The photo below has a Japanese observer in it and he is fairly easy to see from the backside of the terrain, but not from the US side.

Where is the bunker on this ridge?! Only 2 inches away! Damn!

Bunker now in ruins (big bushy thing is now gone)

Well, that brought back a lot of fun memories!


  1. A truly fantastic game with truly fantastic scenery. Very atmospheric looking as well.

  2. Very nice looking terrain!!! Very fun looking game, thanks for posting!!


  3. I have seen this terrain in action at Historicon twice and it is amazing; no need for spotting rules - can barely see the little dug in buggers until you're right on top of them... maybe!

  4. Yep, I still remember fondly gazing at the terrain at Historicon quite a ways back.

  5. Wow sharp looking game well done sir:-) Grey in Va.