Sunday, February 1, 2015

Siege of August and Impudent Mortal

Siege of Augusta

(click on photos to enlarge)

In mid-January I went to Siege of Augusta (Augusta, GA) for some gaming and to sell some of my excess games and miniatures in the flea market.

I arrived Friday night and had a great dinner with friends and then played a game of Silent Death (I hope that is the name). It uses Fantasy Flight's Star Wars ships, but seems to be a better set of rules. My Imperial Tie Fighters were eventually wiped out by the X-Wings and Y-Wings. Those guys are tough. Photon torpedoes are supper deadly if they hit and a Tie Fighter can't survive that.

Saturday I carried all my gear to the flea market. I had the trunk and back seat filled up with goodies to sell on the way down to Augusta. I'm happy to report I came back with less than half of what I took down there. I sold over $400 worth of goods in the flea market which made for a great start to Saturday!

Mid-afternoon Jerry and Kim (Local Charlotte guys), ran a Victoria Sci-Fi game called Valor, Flesh, and Steel.

I'm not into skirmish level gaming, but the flavor and rules for this one where outstanding. My Martian Rebels managed to hold of an onslaught of Imperial trash including some nefarious Martians that chose wealth over honor to their planet!

The figures were from Parroom Station and were outstanding sculpts and Jerry and Kim are fantastic painters. Thank God they don't make them in 15mm as I would dive into this one pretty quick. :-)

Here are some photos from the game.

Later that night after another awesome dinner with friends (Brian and his family), we got into a demo game of Battlegroup in 15mm.

The terrain and figures were superb, but once again it was a skirmish game with some unique rules which made them hard to figure out quickly. I would think if you had a club and played them regularly they would run smoother and make more sense. Of course, it could have been the martinis I had before we started to play! A couple photos of that game.

Impudent Mortal

This was a new vendor at Siege and I had never seen their product before. Once I looked at the terrain I fell in love with several of the packages. They make terrain for 28mm, 15mm, and 10mm.

Here are some links:

I picked up the Bunkers, Pipe Walls, and Horizontal Tanks all in 15mm.

I plan to put together the Horizontal Tanks and Pipes and use them for my Sci-Fi gaming. The bunkers can be used for WW1 - Sci-Fi eras, and I have just finished putting them together.

Horizontal Tanks:


The packages came with six bunkers, and I assembled the first bunker to see how to do it, then made an assembly line to do the last five. All total, it took about 2.5 hours to assemble, while I watched TV. Because they are made of wood and cardboard, they look good as is and can be used now and painted when I have time. They almost look like concrete straight out of the assembly line!

They don't necessarily open from the top, but you can place a stand of infantry or MG on the table, then put the bunker over them and they will hide nicely. You could add some simple additions to make it so that you could lift off the roof. I glued all mine down. Some shots of the bunkers:

Wood frame, top of bunker, and the sides (still in the card frame)

Close-up of the assembled bunker:

Shot of the five I had completed, now they are all done and I hope to pain them soon. I plan on buying several more of their kits as they are easy to build and fit some niche terrain I don't have already.

Siege of Augusta was very well attended and it was nice to see some of my gaming buddies there from around the area.


  1. Great write-up! Yes, Silent Deat is correct and I'll bring the stuff to your place sometime in the future.

    Did you play Battle Ground or Battlegroup? The WWII figures make me think it's Battlegroup, which Chris, Charles and I are gearing up for!

  2. Sounds like a very successful trip, Eric!

  3. Sorry to say that if you liked the Parroom Station 25mms, you'll LOVE the Black Hat 18mms. Not that I'm trying to add anything to your lead pile, you understand. Nuh-uh.

  4. Oh no Clive! I can't believe you told me about Black Hat figures in 18mm! Dang. Must stay focused!

  5. Robert, I think it was Battlegroup, not battle Ground. I will correct.

  6. Impudent Mortal has a lot of nice stuff. I bought a bunch of their 28mm industrial terrain last year.