Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SYW Western Theatre - French vs Hanover and Hesse-Kassel

Seven Years War in Hesse-Kassel

Well, I have finally have enough Hessians and Hanoverians to fight my French so I'm running a nice battle this week for my gaming group. I've really been focusing on the Seven Years War and have started selling seldom used games and miniatures to fund this project.

As usual, we are using Cartouche 2nd Edition from Piquet Inc for the rules.

Here are some shots of the game before the battle starts.

General Scenario: Hessians\Hanoverians have surprised the French with an early morning attack. Some French units are out of position (I've changed that since the photos were taken) and some are "unformed" trying to rush to the field.

I will post a full battle report later. I'm using my custom terrain boards that I made in 1991 or 1992. They are four different 2' x 4' boards that can be arranged in 8 different combinations. I haven't used them in several years, but they have held up extremely well.

First shot is of the French battle line with the Hanoverians on the hill.

Hanoverians mass for the attack.

Here is the Hanoverians (close) and Hessians (far right) ready for their attack.

Long view of the table. French on the right near the small town.

Hanoverian command inspiring the lads!

Nice overall shot of the battlefield with the French closest to the camera.

More goodness to follow!


  1. Great looking battle - look forward to seeing the outcome.

  2. Great looking table. I like the way the thickness of the terrain boards shields the (?fold out) mini desks used for cards, rosters, dice, drinks etc from view.

  3. You have a very nice set up and the game looks good.

    How do you find Cartouche 2 ?



  4. Mark, I found Cartouche 2 quite nice. Love some of the optional rules too.

    Found some editing issues, but other than that, loads of fun.

  5. Hi Eric

    I have to say this looks fantastic. Some of the photographs are very atmospheric and it looks like all had a great time.

    The figures look really nice and I like the thick bases with the unit names in colour.

    I am really impressed.


    The Wargamorium

  6. Robert, thrilled you like the terrain, figures, and game. We had a great time on Wednesday and should finish the battle next week.