Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 2018 in Review

Hi folks,

Busy as usual here in the WAR ROOM, with loads of games being played.

 7th - Raiders of the North Sea (EB, EC, Paul, Brian, Jan, Phil)  
14th - Russo-Turk 1877 battle (Brian, EB, Wes, Phil)      
21st - TALON - Base Attack (EC, EB, Jan, Hammer, Phil, Wes)
24th - HIS 500th (EB, Brian, Wes, EC, Jan, Phil) - Saturday Game - 9am
28th - TALON (EB, Wes, Phil, Brian, EC)

Raiders of the North Sea

We played a six player game with the two new expansions and most of the players had never played before. EC ended up winning, but this was an extremely close game.

The new expansion allows for players to try many different paths to victory, which should provide years of playability.

Here are a couple game photos of this beautiful competitive board game.

Russo-Turkish War Battle

These were 15mm figures from Brian's collection. We had a good time and the Turks had nearly taken the fort when we had to call the game. We started the armies way too far apart, and we didn't get an early start. Still we have fun! Cigar Box mat was used.

Don't have time for commentary, but the photos are nice.


This is an extremely cool game of space ship combat by GMT Games. Very well thought out and loads of terrific battles.

I'm using a Cigar Box "Start Frontier" mat with 2" hexes. Looks great!

Here I Stand 500th Anniversary Rules

Well, we had an outstanding game of HIS last October on the true 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 thesis, but we didn't have the new rules from GMT by then so we scheduled this one and just had a blast.

We had great moments scattered around each and every turn! Massive wars, burning Protestants, shaming Catholics, piracy (if EC could roll a frickin' die), and many Conquistadores being eaten by the locals!

We finished five complete turns, with no winner, but had to call it a night by 6pm. The Ottomans and French were tied for first with nearly all players in a big pack waiting to take advantage of any slip-up.

Dirty Hapsburgs attempting to invade France, and I made him pay!

Cortes eaten in the New World.

One of my terrible hand draws!

England taking Antwerp from the Hapsburgs, while the HRE was battling in Germany and the frontier against the Turks.

France prepares for War against Genoa. I was able to take Genoa on my last card play of Turn 5.

Vienna has fallen! The sorrow!

The Victory Point graphic:


  1. Hi ERIC,
    Certainly like the Russo-Turkish war photos. Question: Will you be returning to your 15mm Fantasy Battles in the near future? Certainly enjoyed seeing and reading about your massive battles between the forces of good vs chaos- very much admire your collection and would like to see it all again. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Hi Kev,

    15mm Fantasy warfare will be returning this year. I'm starting to plan things out more on a month by month basis, extending several months out. This allows me to schedule things that may be forgotten (like Fantasy games). We have a lot of surprises on the horizon for the Charlotte Garrison!

  3. Hi ERIC,
    Thanks for getting back to me- definitely will keep a watchful eye out for the return of the 15mm Fantasy in your future 2018 Posts. Cheers. KEV.

  4. Very nice looking Russo-Turkish war game.