Thursday, April 2, 2020

Vauban's Wars - Custom Cards

Good morning gamers!

The proof copies of my Vauban's Wars custom card deck have arrived.

The rules come with cards printed on paper, however folks may want to pimp out their cards with these custom cards! They are true casino style poker cards and have a great feel to them.

Here are a couple photos of the cards. The Garrison cards have a blue top with a unique fortress map on the back, while the Besieger's cards have a red top and an assault painting on it. This will allow players to easily identify which cards belong to each player no matter which side of the card is visible.

Also, there are little cannon-ball icons on all the base deck cards, theses are the cards you always have in your sequence deck. Each turn you grab these 11 cards, then add three more for a total of 14. These extra three cards can vary based on weather, leadership quality, and army.

Lastly, there are five blank cards for each side that you can use to make your own different cards or replace an existing card if it is lost.

The rules should be ready to send to the printer and get a proof copy by mid-April. Then I hope to have them reviewed and ready for production by May 1st. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Some photos!


  1. Love the back designs and the clean, bold look of the cards, Eric!

  2. Thank you Peter! I'm thrilled even though it took a while to get everything in the right position. found a couple errors that I fixed too. So the final card deck should be fantastic.

  3. Looking forward to the final products, rules and cards both!

  4. Looks a great product cant wait to get a copy.