Sunday, April 26, 2020

Maximilian Adventure - Imperial Mexican Army Rebased

Hi folks,

Well, my old basing style for my Maximilian collection died as the old bases were unique (very thick) and I ran out of them. My new units were being put on Litko bases, so I decided to rebase the entire collection to be more uniformed. (CRAZY!!!)

Anyway, here is my current Imperial Mexican army that fought against the Republicans. A true multi-national conglomeration of nations! We have Austrians, Belgians, and Mexicans. This makes for a truly colorful army and I love to have them on the field!

So far I have 20 Infantry Regiments, 8 Cavalry regiments, 2.5 batteries, plus command.

I do have a couple more units to paint at some point, but wanted to show what I have so far as it is more than enough. Click on photos for larger images. The biggest image can be found by right clicking on the picture and open in a new tab.

Entire Army

Several shots and angles of the entire army.

All the Infantry

Foreign Infantry

Austrian Legion
Three regiments that fought in the theatre.

Belgian Legion
The King's and Empress's Battalions

On the march

Imperial Mexicans

Emperor's Battalion
This uniform is just so cool. I have the 1st regiment still being painted in the same color scheme. This will be the last infantry unit for this army.

8 Line Regiments
The 1st Regiment is AWOL on the painting table, but should be finished in the near future. The uniforms were all over the place with the Imperial Mexicans.

Regiments 2 - 4

Regiments 5 - 8

Imperial Mexican Light Infantry
These are Bersaglieri Freikorp figures from their Italian Unification range. They are perfect for the late war light infantry uniform. I love how they turned out. Cazadores!!!

Consecrated Sharpshooters
A unique unit in the war. Gaudy blue uniforms.

Municipal Guards
I have three regiments of Municipal Guards. These are little better than local militia.

The Cavalry

Most of the cavalry is three stands (and two stands) strong rather than the normal Piquet four stands. I wanted them to be fragile in this period. I have six regiments of regulars, one Empress Lancers, and the four stand Exploradores (Scouts).

Wish I had taken better photos of the cavalry.

The Artillery

The Imperial Mexican army didn't have a lot of mobile artillery so I only have 2 batteries and 1 Austrian Mountain Gun section


Here you can see Maximilian in the center, with two army\wing commanders flanking him, with 6 brigadier generals on round bases.

Closer look at the major commanders

Some extra eye candy

What is Left to Do

Imperial Mexican Band (Essex ACW Union band figures)
Austrian Legion cavalry (Hussars and Uhlans)
Belgian Mounted Infantry
More Imperial Cavalry to flesh out some units.



  1. Excellent! Are all the figures Essex? Be interested in which figures you used for the individual units. Cheers

  2. What a super looking army ! and another not often seen

  3. WOW, Eric. So impressive. Very inspirational! I just pulled mine out several weeks ago and am tempted to do again tomorrow. What size bases did you use.

  4. Well ERIC- that is a huge amount of 15mm Figures to re-base...well done- they are impressive.

  5. Thanks everybody. @Tales... they reikorp figures from QRF. Best and most complete range of 15mm for Maximilian. @Hal, infantry are on 1" square bases, while cavalry, artillery and my peasants are on 30mm square bases. The bases are from Litko. are FThanks Kev for the kind words!!

  6. Those are really super Eric. The neon blue "Consecrated Sharpshooters" are quite the standout, eh?

    The new basing looks really good as well.

  7. Thanks Peter, those sharpshooters are "cat's pajamas" :-) They never really do well in battle, as I guess nobody is scared of their blue uniforms.

  8. Take a leaf from none other than jack SCruby and declare them tio be mexican marines!

  9. Fantastic collection. I am just in the process of basing up my own so very inspirational! Thanks

  10. This is a lovely collection. If this is the new basing system, your efforts have been absolutely rewarded! Nice going.

  11. Hello!
    Nice collection of miniatures! they look so colorfull ready for the fight!
    I have a question, where did you get the information of the uniforms of these imperial units?
    anyway, congrats for your miniatures, they are fantastic

    1. Thank you Sebastian. The uniform colors were derive from both the Freikorp campaign booklet and the Osprey title on the war.