Tuesday, January 10, 2023

2022 - A Year in Review


I'm going to recap my game experiences of the last year and tell you of the new Wargaming club I have started here in my new home in Southport, NC.

I moved to Southport, NC on December 29th, 2021. I left behind an outstanding gaming group, the Charlotte Garrison, who are near and dear friends to me. Some in that group have been gaming with me for 30 years! One of my greatest fears was moving to a location where I didn't know any gamers, let alone if there were any wargamers around! 

Wilmington, NC is about 45 minutes away and I knew they had two game stores that have a lot of gamers, but were they just Magic the Gathering type or more into Squad Leader?! 

For several months after my move I was basically unpacking, painting miniatures, and pining for the good old days of gaming every Wednesday night! My wife happened to go to a "newbies" party (while I was working, harrumph) and found Bill and Linda who like to play EURO style games and by mid-March we were playing as couples every Sunday night. It wasn't like pushing lead, but it was fun and satisfied my gaming urge.

Cape Fear Wargamers

With the discovery of Rich Hasenauer of Fire and Fury fame, and Michael Montemarrano both moving close to me, they unlocked a key group of long time gamers in Wilmington, NC.

I decided to create an official group for all of us to offer gaming days\nights so that we can all take advantage of the great gamers in our area. After several weeks it appears we have around 2000 board games and 100,000 painted miniatures between us! Holy Smokes. If anybody is lurking in the Wilmington, NC and would like to be part of this, please join us on GroupsIO. There are currently about 15 local gamers. 


Gaming Recap of 2022

MG = Miniatures Games
BG = Euros or Wargames

TOTAL           MG: 10    BG: 139
JANUARY      MG: 0    BG: 2
FEBRUARY   MG: 1    BG: 5
MARCH         MG: 0    BG: 10 - Bill and Linda arrive on scene!
APRIL             MG: 0    BG: 2
MAY                MG: 1, BG: 12
JUNE              MG: 1, BG: 11
JULY              MG: 0, BG: 16
AUGUST        MG: 1, BG: 9
OCTOBER     MG: 0, BG: 14


25 x Crew (Deep Sea) - these are 10 to 15 card trick taking games.
20 x Crew (Planet 9) - these are 10 to 15 card trick taking games.
10 x Brian Boru (surprise top game play! Great fun)
9 x Sleeping Gods (immersive exploration game)
6 x Artemis Project (very enjoyable game)
6 x Maquis
5 x C&C Ancients 
5 x Suburbia (Bezer Games)
5 x Explorers of the North Sea
5 x Plains Indian Wars (GMT)
4 x Dune Imperium
3 x TARAWA 1943 (solo game)
3 x Lords of Waterdeep
3 x Hansa 
2 x Spades (card games)
2 x Moonshine Empires
2 x Raiders of the North Sea
2 x PowerGrid
2 x Viticulture
2 x Terraforming Mars
2 x 10mm WW2 Desert (Blitzkrieg Commander IV)
2 x Crusader: Thy Will Be Done
1 x Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage (AH)
1 x Empire of the Sun (GMT)
1 x JAWS
1 x Maneuver (GMT)
1 x Red Flag Rising (GMT)
1 x 15mm Corps de Armee
1 x Silver Bayonet (28mm)
1 x Nemesis Lockdown 
1 x Imperial Struggle (EC, EB*)
1 x Cards Against Humanity
1 x Atlantis Rising
1 x Napoleon 1815 (Shakos)
1 x Airlines Europe
1 x SpaceCorp 
1 x Wars of Religion
1 x Race to Moscow
1 x Europe Engulfed (GMT)
1 x 15mm Fire and Fury (ACW)
1 x Mosaic
1 x The Lamps are Going Out (Compass Games)
1 x 15mm SYW - Piquet
1 x 878 Vikings
1 x Vauban's Wars (WSS French vs Austrians) 
1 x Axis & Allies

Happy New Year and I hope you can play lots of games in the coming year! Enjoy the friendship that gaming can generate. 


A typical sunset from my new home, thanks to Judy Kisler for the photo.


  1. Great that you have a new group. Good gaming in 2023.

  2. Missed this earlier. I knew you'd managed to find some new players in your area, but didn't realize that you had been that successful. As always, I stand in awe of the number of games you play. Unfortunately, my wife and younger daughter don't really enjoy games much. Fortunately my older daughter does, and my grandsons seem to as well.