Thursday, January 25, 2024

Siege of Augusta XXXIII - Convention Report - Jan 2024

Another Great Time at Siege of Augusta (Georgia)

Six of my wargaming buddies in the Wilmington\Southport, NC area jumped in two cars and drove for about 5 hours to get to this little gem of a convention. They announced record breaking attendance for the weekend which is fantastic news. Tons of games, tournaments, flea market and dealers here at the show in Augusta, GA. I love going to this convention and comes right when the winter doldrums are kicking in!

As usual, click on the photo for a larger version.

Below, Jerry Frazee is running his first edition of War of the World (All Quiet on the Martin Front) set of rules and miniatures. Jerry always puts on a spectacular game and his painting skills are legendary! 

Martian tripod just turned into molten lava! 

American armor is advancing to try to save the civilians that were sprung free by special operations teams!

Oh no! Tripod moving in on the flank.

These ships below are just gorgeous. I think this is Distopian Wars, but can't remember.

Friday night I got into a Boer 1881 battle pitting the British vs. Boers. I was one of the Boer Kommando commands. This game was four Kommando groups versus 4 British columns. I had a lot of fun and we used simple THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING rules from Osprey. The rules didn't have enough chrome in them for my tastes, but great for a convention. 

Below is the British column closer to me.

All figures are 20mm and I love the characters like the stretcher teams. 

Heliograph station!

Overview of all four columns

Field ambulance

One of the random locations where my Boer Kommando units could arrive.

Me, my Boer Kommander. :-) 

My friend Rich and Michael put on a pretty 1859 game of Fire & Fury with Austrians vs Italians. I look forward to playing this game in the coming weeks. The convention game went well per reports.

This post doesn't really cover all the things that happened or were played at the convention, but I did love the look of this table and miniatures.

In the Dealer area someone was selling buildings for the new Wars of Ozz miniatures from Old Glory. Several Ozz games were run at this convention.

I'm a sucker for terrain add-ons and these pumpkin patches look great!

Some of the Wars of Ozz figures painted ready for battle.

DEAD RUN! This is one of the must fun Zombie games I have played. I got to reuse my character from last year. Hope he survives so I can use him in 2025!

Well, that is all for now. It was a great convention and so nice to see friends from all over the Southeast as they poured into this venue to have a great weekend of fun!


  1. Eric, good to see so much winter fun. How many pumpkin patches did you get?

    1. Sadly none! However, they are on the wish list for the future.

  2. GREAT looking time.. the Martian game looked like the classic. Lots of lovely games, shows what the smaller convention can be.