Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"None Shall Pass" 15mm Fantasy Battle


I wanted to share some battle photos I've taken over the years with our 15mm Fantasy games. The rules I used were Piquet (modified for Fantasy). This was before the new Piquet Hostile Realms Fantasy supplement was released.

This particular battle had the Dwarves with some human allies defending a mountain pass from a huge Orc\Gnoll\Bugbear army.

The figures are from the following companies:
Orcs - All the old Grenadier figures (I need more of these)
Bugbears - Old Ral Partha (oop)
Gnolls - These are the Hyena's from the Splintered Light Miniatures. These are some pretty cool figures.

Dwarves - all old Grenadier
Humans - Ral Partha
Human Wizard - Black Raven Foundry

Since the battle was fought roughtly 2 years ago I can't remember all the detail, but there is some great eye candy! Enjoy

View from the dwarven lines. Thin line of dwarves stretched across the mountain pass. Gnoll brigade on the left and two Orc brigades to the right. Some sort of spell was cast (smoke) against the Orcs.

View from the Orc perspective.

Dwarf Druid (round base) cast a spell against the Gnoll archers

Dwarf Commander in the center of the battle line

Dwarf Cannon blasts into the Orc hordes

Gnolls advance

Gnolls smash into the Dwarf Heavy infantry while a Druid desperately tries to cast spells

Dwarven Crossbowmen overrun by bugbears

Human Wizard attempts to cast Fire Balls at the Orcs as the attack the Dwarven Heavy infantry

One Orc stand was annihilated by the Wizard's spell, but they still pushed on and attacked the Dwarven cannon and heavy infantry
Wish I could remember more details, but still, it was a great time.


Wes said...

This is way cool. I do love the units you have, and this is just the type of game I love.

Thanks for sharing.

Eric Burgess said...

Thanks Noel! Look for about 20+ more photos of the next week. I have a lot of shots from different battles and staged shots for photo inventory.

Andrew said...

I haven't seen the Grenadier orcs before. Those are very nice sculpts. I like your choice of skin color—not too neon greeny. More of a "natural" goblin shade.

Andrew said...

I just discovered how rare the 15mm Grenadier fantasy models are. I didn't realize they were OOP. Where did you get your's?

Eric Burgess said...

Hi Andrew, yes, the Grenadier line is mostly out of production. Mirliton of Italy now owns then and has Orcs, Dwarves, and Skeletons back out, but the vast majority of models are still out of print. The more we order from Mirliton the better chance we have of seeing the other races in the range released.