Sunday, December 12, 2010

French SYW Piquet Army in 15mm

I don't think I have blogged about any of my Seven Years War collections. My first post will be about my French army.

  • 11 Infantry
  • 4 Light Infantry (not pictured)
  • 9 Cavalry
  • 5 Artillery Batteries (2 Heavy, 2 Light, 1 Howitzer)
  • 4 Generals
  • 1 C-in-C

Units are based for Piquet's Cartouche supplement, but I use 16 figures infantry units rather than 12, as I like that look better.

Army photo (minus the light regiments)

Artillery Heavy Guns

Diesbach Regiment - On the March

French Generals

Hope to post some battle photos in the near future.



  1. Look impressive on parade even if they are French ! :-)

  2. Thanks, my Austrian Army is twice as impressive. I have more Austrian Cuirassier regiments than total French Cavarly regiments.